Injury & the Importance of Recovery

Some people find it difficult to give up their gym routine even when they have an injury. Day in, day out, people push themselves in spite of the pain. But, admirable as it may seem, this is a horrible decision to make for long term fitness. Here are the reasons you should never work out while injured, and why you should appreciate the value of recovery:

Minor Injuries Become Worse

Trying your usual fitness routine with injuries is rarely a good decision. For lifters, joint injuries will severely limit your ability to lift weights, and even injuries away from crucial junctions can cause enough discomfort to keep you from being your best. Aggravating a minor injury with weightlifting can have serious consequences, and could sideline you for longer than if you had taken the rest, to begin with. Runners can suffer from chronic knee pain due to overuse, which can deteriorate into tears, strains and all manner of afflictions that could hamper your cardio goals.

Stifled Progress

A minor injury may not outright prevent you from working out, but the pain can still limit your progress. Bench pressing can be a challenging prospect without nagging pain; imagine it with a dull, constant pain down your side or back. No matter the injury, your usual routine will likely suffer for it. Minor injuries can also kill your motivation, pushing you to avoid the gym even post-recovery depending on how you handle it.

Rest and Recovery

Rest and recovery are vital to overcoming injury. Once you have a diagnosis, simply follow it to the letter. Physical therapy, though challenging, may be vital depending on the nature of your wound. If you find it difficult to rest and do nothing fitness related, there are safe ways to workout without aggravating or worsening your condition.Error on the side of caution, know your body and make the right decision even if it means taking time away from the gym.Want to prevent running injuries? Read this article to see how strength-training can prevent afflictions for runners!