The Importance of Self-Education

Before the internet there was self-education. But given all the factors involved, it was not as easy. Now, with the internet, although it can be simple, it is not so for each and every person. That is, some thrive by educating themselves, and others need teachers to explain concepts to them. But there does exist benefits of self-education all should experience. This does not mean you should educate yourself all the time if you are not comfortable with it. But you should try self-education in some areas because you could get some of these benefits.

The Cost

Self-education in the modern day is cheap. In the olden days to find all the texts you wanted from the same institution was hard. You may have wanted texts on Newtonian physics, Galileo's inventions, the Renessaince, Plato's philosophies, Socrates, Shakespeare, and such; and the only places or people which held books of such wide variety were prestigious universities, distant mega-libraries, the rich, and others too difficult to reach.If poor, you would have had to gain a scholarship to enter a prestigious university. And doing this, even if you were bright, was difficult. Even today universities like Cornell and Harvard constantly reject most bright high-school students. Mega-libraries were far off, but if you were close to one you could get a library card. So, that's a plus, but only if you were close to one. To use the library of a wealthy friend, you first had to have rich friends. Conclusively, you would have walked long distances, use time, and spent considerable amounts of money.  Some students have learned many languages, have read many books, and play many instruments by using these methods.Now, digitization has made books, especially those on ancient math theories, classical writings, and such, free. You can find them free on Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Bibliomania, and many more websites. Even when you must pay, you can find a discount on Amazon, Craigslist, and others. And you can do all this while in your pajamas.

The Discipline

Self-education teaches discipline. Now, instead of the teacher telling you what and how to learn, you must tell yourself. You must train yourself to keep focus for long hours. Also, to be productive, you must construct a rigid routine, maintain it, set goals, and reach them. In doing this, you must know or come to know yourself better. Knowing yourself is recognizing your sleeping habits, eating habits, study habits, desires, and dislikes; then using this information to create a routine to optimize your learning. So, self-education is also a path to self-realization. It saves time. Once used to a routine and a way of learning, you become efficient in using them.

The Perspective

It gives you a different perspective on learning. In this, learning takes a whole lifetime, not only four years of college at the same of college. Therefore, you do not need to be in a classroom to learn but can learn anytime, anywhere. You can form your perspectives, keeping this as one.Overall, there are many benefits to self-education. Although it may not be your favorite, at least incorporate it into some of your life and experience these benefits.