The Importance of Listening to Your Intuition

Whenever we have major life decisions, we are always searching for guidance to make the right decision. We question people’s true intentions. We wonder what we should do with our lives regarding our careers. We even question smaller decisions such as what we should wear or eat, or if we should go to that party. What we may not realize is that there is a still, small voice within us known as our intuition that will guide us with any decision whether big or small.

It Guides You

Have you ever instantly liked someone or disliked someone without really understanding why? Has an individual given you the creeps while you understood and related to another one? Are there particular passions and interests you love and other activities you loathe? All of these concepts tie into our intuition. It is important to know our intuition because essentially that leads us to understand ourselves and to follow our best interests.

It Protects You

Your intuition has a way of telling you when you are around good or bad people. Never ignore this if possible because eventually, in the long run, you will regret it. You can not only protect yourself from danger and heartache, but you can also live the best life possible. With a world of endless possibilities, listening to your intuition is like having a compass and a map in front of you.

It's Your Sixth Sense

You may have many interests and passions that you are good at; however, following your intuition will lead you to choose the right major in college and the right career for a job. Your “bad feelings” about something or someone are your sixth sense bringing this to your attention.

It Helps You to Feel Your Best

Be aware of how your body is feeling. If you are tense around a certain environment or group of people, this is your intuition telling you that this environment is toxic. Constant exposure will lead to you to unhappiness. When something or someone is right for you, it will energize you, excite you, and make you happy. You will gain energy instead of feeling drained. Consider this when you think about finding a mate, moving to a new location, or even changing your career path.

It Guides You to the Best Life Possible

Following your intuition can ultimately guide you to happiness and the best life possible. It instills that you listen to yourself and have self-love to pay enough attention to your needs regardless of what others in the outside world might say or think. You will also provide an example of a happy, successful life for others to follow. Following your intuition will help you feel authentic and genuine. If you think about that small child, you used to be and what he or she desired most for you, when you follow your intuition, he or she will be proud. Your intuition is your guide to follow the best path for your life.