How to Travel Without Spending A Ton of Money

There’s nothing like traveling the world and seeing new things, but there’s a way to do it without spending too much money. If you’re extremely hardworking, then save your money and spend it wisely when planning a trip. Most people take advantage of any special deals as well as hiring a traveling agent. Whether you’re traveling to a different state or different country, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most people that travel are working-class people and don’t have a ton of money. Therefore they are forced to save money and budget themselves when it comes to traveling. If you’ve wanted to take a trip, here are the best ways to travel without spending a ton of money.


When it comes to traveling without spending a lot of money, many forget about housesitting. You get to do some tasks for them, like feeding their pets and washing dishes while earning money. It’s the best of both worlds, and someone has the comfort of knowing that their house is in good hands and you get to stay at someone’s home for free.

Volunteer to Work on A Farm

What most people that don’t have a lot of money to travel do so by volunteering.  A lot of the time it doesn’t require the money it would to book a train or plane ride as well as a hotel room. An organization World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms is a non-profit that connects people with local farmers. They give you the opportunity to travel to a farm to stay and work for as long as you want. They pay you for your labor and allows you to travel without spending hardly any money.

Save A Little Every Month

Obviously, the best way to travel without spending a lot of money is to save as much as you can. Meaning put about 20-50 into a savings account each month or every two weeks. Before you know it, you’ll have hundreds of dollars saved, and that will work wonders when it comes to traveling. It’s okay and completely understandable if you can’t save money every single month. Yet even if you do have to skip a month, just continue to save the next time. Believe me, it will pay off, and you’ll feel so much better saving instead of borrowing.

Go on Free Walking Tours

When traveling there are free walking tours you can go on. You just have to know where to look. Go on Free City Tour which will have a list of all the free ones. They range from Chicago, California to Paris, Sydney, even Jerusalem, and so much more. They will take on a tour to all the best sites around the city without you having to pay for gas or a driver.

Get A Job Where You Work Overseas/Work Remotely

Another way to earn money while traveling without spending a lot is having a job that requires a lot of traveling. Some jobs like going to an office or building aren’t for everyone having a job on a cruise ship is great for those that are adventurous. Also having a job that’s remote such as a yoga teacher, contractor, or freelance writer is great. Having a remote job gives you the freedom to travel and work anywhere.

Use Credit Card Points to Fund Your Trips

Having a credit card comes in handy for great things other than charging things. You can use the points you earn toward travel costs. Depending on the type of credit card, you have requires different ways on how the points and cashback system works. However, having huge amounts of points can allow you to fly all over the world, basically for free.