How To Tell If You’re In A Toxic Relationship

Relationships are not perfect, and there can be many conflicts between a couple. They also take time to be built, and many people have toxic relationships. Sometimes, they do not realize that they are in a toxic relationship until someone tells them. Toxic relationships can affect your health and your self-esteem. Do you know how to recognize when you are in a toxic relationship? There are many signs that you should look out for to tell if you’re in a toxic relationship.

You Feel Unhappy & Uncomfortable

Do you feel unhappy and uncomfortable around your partner? If you do, then this is a sign that you’re in a toxic relationship. Feelings of nervousness or discomfort around your partner are major signs to take into consideration. When you constantly feel unhappy or uncomfortable with your significant other, you might be in a toxic relationship.

According to Time, this is one of the first and simplest sign to look out for. Time says that if a relationship does not bring you joy, and it makes you feel angry, sad, or anxious, then you are in a toxic relationship. This is one of the major signs to look out for, and you should be careful about it.

Lack Of Communication

If you and your partner are not communicating with each other, then your relationship will not prosper. Communication is key to a healthy relationship. If you do not communicate your feelings with each other, you will not have a successful or healthy relationship. This will lead to toxicity and multiple problems. If you cannot freely express your feelings with your partner, then you should do your best to get out of the relationship.

Physical Or Verbal Abuse

When you receive physical or verbal abuse in your relationship, you should get out of that relationship as soon as possible. Physical and verbal abuse should not be tolerated in a relationship. If you are receiving abuse, then you need to do anything possible to get out of it. A healthy relationship should not involve any type of abuse. Healthy relationships are built with trust, love, and respect. When there is enough respect, things flow easily within the relationship.

No Privacy

If you feel that you have a lack of privacy or no privacy at all, you are likely in a toxic relationship. When your partner invades your privacy, it is a major sign of an unhealthy relationship. If your partner wants to constantly take control over your phone and see whom you are texting, then you should consider getting out of the relationship. This can be a sign that the relationship is not heading a good way, especially if you are barely getting to know each other.

Problems Do Not Get Resolved

When you are in a relationship with constant problems that don’t get resolved, demonstrates a bad and unhealthy relationship. You need to be able to talk with your partner and learn to resolve any problems you might have. If you can talk about your problems and resolve them, you will be able to have a healthy relationship. When you leave issues unresolved, you will receive more problems.

What To Do

If you are in a toxic relationship, you can get help by calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline. According to Time, the National Domestic Violence is also available for assistance 24/7. You can call them at 1-800-799-7233.

While many other signs can help you tell if you are in a toxic relationship, these are some of the most important signs to look out for.

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