How to Tell If a Guy Is Interested in You

Eye Contact

First, eye contact is a must. If he can look you in the eye, it means he likes you back or if the guy you are interested in looks at you or looks up at you, this is a sign of genuine interest. If the guy leans forward, towards you, then that is also a sign he is interested in you. When the guy asks you what kind of food you like, this is also a sign he is interested in you. Body language can mirror yours around a guy who is interested in you.When a guy drinks his drink after you do, it is another sign since they are matching the body language signals you give off just being around him. Taking a sip of his drink after you do is a huge sign that he is interested in you. Men who are interested in you will touch you. Some of them could be doing a fist bump for all you know, which counts as them liking you. Touching your back while hugging you is a sign a guy is interested. Having an excuse to be around you a lot is another sign of interest a guy is showing. Other forms of body language that take shape around a man can be eye contact.


If a man is making eye contact, that is another sign, and it counts as flirting. While you guys are equally listening to each other, this is a way to be able to know a guy is interested in you truly. A man who is laughing and fidgeting, including having sweaty palms is interested in you as more than a friend would be. Men who are genuinely interested in you take the time to do you small favors. Men who do things for you are also able to express their interest in this way.Also, men who are genuinely interested go out of their way to get to know you. If he pays attention to something you do, like write up a spreadsheet, this is a sign he is interested in you. Men who are not listening to you are not interested in you. It is okay not to be interested in every guy that comes along. A guy who is looking at his phone or laptop is not interested in you. However, a guy who goes out of their way to sit with you or talk to you is genuinely interested, and a big ding is if a guy doesn’t hang out with you even if you ignore them.


Many men have dings (negative things) that you don’t like. One may work for an organization that has injured many people or maybe you find yourself with a guy who has different religious beliefs. Some guys may not be worth your time if they are loser materials with no job or people who are unstable in general. A real man can admit to his failings, and not act like a manchild. Manchildren are to be avoided. If your guy avoids meeting your friends, then that is a sign of a genuine lack of interest.


Asking a guy if he is interested in you is the most obvious way to try to find out that about him. If you are treated like one of the boys, this is a sign he is not interested. These days, men and women are on a level playing field as women can work. If your man is really interested in you, he will say so.


Either gender or perhaps even the third gender, are looking for an equal partner these days. Women can hold their own court. Men are not the only one with income anymore. It is socially acceptable for a woman to work and have money. It is even a requirement. Women trapped in abusive relationships may not always have access to their own money. Some people are not as direct as others and prefer giving off underhanded signals. A man may be interested in more than friends if he is spending time with you, finding an excuse to hang out, regardless of what is going on.


Genuinely interested male parties are going to make their interest known by mentioning a mutual hang out, all while finding ways of being around the person they are interested in. Men are generally creatures who go about getting what they want if they are genuinely interested. You can see through someone’s eyes what their personality traits are. It is always best to rely on your gut instincts since that gut can never steer you wrong. Your gut will not lie to you either, the same way your rational brain can. Brain impressions can be run through the gamut of worry “does he really like me?” or “am I imagining that he likes me?”

It's Ok

Sometimes there are some individuals you’d rather stay away from, and this is a fine decision to make on your own. Men can be occasionally weird, and annoying to deal with. If you are in high school, reading this, then I stress that 15-year-old and below or above, men of that age, are pigs. They are also Neanderthals who cannot know how to treat a woman well. These days, it is okay for a woman to pay for her own meal when out on a date. Even if when he pays, it designates he is interested in a relationship with the woman. Sometimes it is best to go slow with relationships in general.