How to Rediscover Yourself 

Sometimes, we go through life trying to get through the day only to wake up to a new, unappreciated one. We often lead a life that has little meaning to us. When there is no passion or zest for life, we often just trudge through the day. We have no actual reason to put forth an effort. Living a life where I do not look forward to tomorrow is not a typical life I want to live. I want to live for today and be ready to take on tomorrow with an honest smile. The truth is, we will never always want to get up in the mornings. Sometimes, we will not smile as we think of our to-do-lists. However, living a life where you dread tomorrow on a daily basis means something needs to change. It may just be time to rediscover yourself.

Think About What You Want

What do you want with this life? As cliché as it sounds, life is short, and you are handed only one. Tomorrow, next week, and next year are not promised. So, think about what you want. Recognize what you like and dislike, and uncover your passions. Rediscover what you want and in the process, you will be rediscovering yourself. You will be realizing how you want to live. Trekking along with no vision of an exciting future is not living. That is just existing.

Go On An Adventure

Go on an adventure. Live spontaneously. Go on that road trip you have been wanting to take. Go backpack Europe. Take a trip to the beach. Jump out of a plane. Spontaneity breeds adventure. Stop waiting, and saying “tomorrow”. Just do it. Be adventurous. Let your inner adventurous self, live. Stop pushing the things in life you have wanted to do to the back burner. Yes, we have work, school, and family, but life is about those little road trips and that time “I went skydiving.” When you start living adventurously, you start finding what it really means to live. Staying cozied up inside a nice and neat shell your whole life may sound safe, but it is not living. Live for the moments when you do not know if your heart is beating so fast because of fear or excitement. Most importantly, live for the moments you do not even know you are smiling.

Stop Overthinking It

Stop overthinking the situation. Discovering yourself is easier than you think. Answer this question: What makes you happy? Seriously, what makes you happy? Is it music, photography, writing, or traveling? Stop overthinking your life. Sure, we cannot all quit our jobs and become renowned writers. However, you can write in your free time. Maybe, that free time will eventually turn into a career. Do things that make you happy, and the rest will fall into place.Rediscovering yourself sounds complicated, but it is actually simple. Think about what you want in your life. Be adventurous. Then, stop overthinking everything. Do what makes you happy. Right now, you have already been granted much more than numerous people—a new day of life. You are breathing. Your heart is beating. Go out there and live a life that shows you appreciate this new day.