How to Make Real Income Blogging

When you start a blog, you have to be aware that what you write is out there, and can influence your ability to get a job. However, then again a blog can make significant income from $1,000 a month to $100,000 given your content can go viral. Wordpress is the platform I use and has made a very good situation for me even though I only have $0.48 on my blog right now. I haven’t necessarily needed help with my blog. I use Max Bounty an affiliate link company, which is helpful but hasn’t made me any income yet but my psychiatrist seems to feel it will.

My Blog

My blog is about what it is like to be a strong woman with multiple chronic illnesses. I uncover some new ones at times, or at least I’m wondering when that will happen. I’m doing my best to cope with my stress, only because my life is the polar opposite of what my childhood was like. I mean I was started on the path of alcoholism from the age of 18 in 1999, all the way to the year 2010. This slowed me down more than gave me motivation. Untreated mental illnesses can cause the sufferer to have less motivation; however, I’m very motivated.


The more people find your blog, the more it gets read. It doesn’t have to be autobiographical content. You need a marketable named to set up your blog with but not something too weird. Wordpress is not necessarily a stand-alone website. It is a website that you can edit, rearrange, and set up. Wordpress is easy; although it is something you need to learn. My blog is designed in pink and blue. Pink because I like pink and sometimes I’m in the mood to wear a pink t-shirt. Blue because that’s my business color of choice for a logo I have to put on my blog eventually.


Keywords people are looking for can help you come up with topics you can cover on that blog of yours that will eventually make you money. Content has to be a problem people are trying to solve. Google and forums can get readers to your blog. One traffic source is better than every platform. They try to be everywhere, but that does not focus on one situation at a time. The perfect traffic source for your blog has to be considered as per a target market.The top 5 traffic sources are Facebook, and that comes with a price tag sometimes. Facebook groups are probably a great place to find other bloggers but are not the best source to drive traffic for your website. You can interact with possible readers or customers. Instagram is similar to Facebook in that it has a high amount of users. People stay inside of their niche because there is a way to go to running a successful blog, on Wordpress. People who try to type in “how to make money blogging,” means that you will get consistent traffic. Facebook is about organic traffic, but it is hard to get at the top of a search list. It may take six months to get serious blog traffic although Youtube is a high barrier to entry because nobody wants to get on camera. So you see, blogging can turn a profit if you work at it.