How to Get Rid of Dandruff at Home

Every existent woman on this planet, minimum once in her lifetime has wished for flawlessly perfect hair. I doubt that until the end of time we will be able to find a definition for perfect hair, it has always been uniquely personal to every girl. The struggle to get perfect hair is so real that it stretches from the women who run the country to the women who run the house.The ones with thick curls are mostly wishing for iron straight hair and vice versa. Whether the goal is luxuriant long hair or a choppy bob, unlike Rapunzel we need to work with immense care and dedication. One of the many never-ending hair problems is dandruff, with winter coming up it is necessary to prevent your scalp for getting dry as a dry scalp invites dandruff. Here's how you can ultimately win over this inevitable hair enemy at home.

Dandruff Treatment

You will be needing the following ingredients, two eggs, and non-flavored yogurt. According to the length of your hair remove the required amount of yogurt in a bowl. Delicately separate the yolk from the egg and add the egg whites to the bowl. Egg contains albumin, a globular protein which helps in nourishing your scalp. Apply the mixture all over your hair and prominently in areas where there is a lot of dandruff problems. Leave it for 10- 15 minutes and take a pleasing hair wash. You will see the difference in reduction of dandruff after washing.If you are a vegetarian, you don't need to feel disappointed, we have a dilemma for you. You will be needing fenugreek seeds. According to the length of your hair take the required amount of seeds and grind them using a mixture. Add a bit of water to make the process accessible. Once the paste is ready to drain the water out of it, it is rich in proteins. Apply this water on your scalp and leave it for 10- 15 minutes, the extract that is left is a supplementary benefit for you. Apply it over your face like a mask and let it dry, rub it off and witness a glowing self in the mirror.

The Supplements

Choosing the right shampoo is the biggest of all challenges as not every shampoo works out for your hair. Go for shampoos designed for your type of hair and will keep dandruff away from your scalp. Technology in shampoos just offers you with everything in just one bottle. Avoid frequently switching from one shampoo to another, your hair takes time to get to sync with a particular product. The most recommended and trusted brands would be T/Gel by Neutrogena, Kerastase, Pantene, and L'Oreal.Brushing and oiling are the most important yet overlooked aspects of hair care. Weekly oiling your hair is as essential as washing it. Keratin proteins and minerals which repair your hair and avoid desiccation are given to your hair by oiling. Oil your scalp and leave it overnight then wash it next day this is deserving nourishment for your hair.The best natural treatments give the best results, try them for yourself.