How to Decide on a Career

Deciding on a career can be nerve-racking. If you were like me, you obsessively contemplated your future career while in high school. Once in college, most people change their major several times. For me, I just could not find what felt right. There were times when I thought I would never figure out the right choice for me; but eventually, I did. I know there are people out there who feel the same way. It is a stressful decision because this could be your job for the rest of your life. Although it is a difficult decision, there are a few things you can consider that can help you decide on a career.

 Think of Your Interests

When deciding on a career, you will want to choose something that interests you. For example, it wouldn't be wise to select a major in science if you find it uninteresting. If you decide to pursue a career in medicine, and you loathe science, you will have a long, miserable time in school. After school, that unhappiness is likely to continue. If you like English, decide on a career that utilizes an English degree. When you choose a career that you will regularly enjoy, you are bound to be much happier.

Find Your Passion

There are those people who seem to know what they want to do from the moment they are born. Their bodies seem to radiate with passion. I was always envious of those people until I finally found my passion. Some people just have to experience life to discover what they want to do. Therefore, everyone can uncover what excites them. You do not have to have an extraordinary gift to have a passion; it could be something as simple as helping people, or animals. Whatever it is, find it and run with it. 

Figure Out What Means the Most to You

Does having a secure job sound better than chasing your dreams? Does making money sound better than enjoying your job? Personally, I would prefer to pursue my dreams and enjoy my job; but for you, it may be the other way around. Maybe you want to provide for your family or be able to send your children to college; making your preference job security. That is okay. You just need to decide what means most to you. That way, if you ever question your decisions, you will be able to remind yourself that you chose what means most to you.

Understand Nothing Will Be Perfect

Whether you land your dream job, make a million dollars a year, or stay in a position for the benefits, nothing will be perfect. I will be a pessimist for a second and tell you there will be days where you will not want to go to work. You might even question your life decisions or find that you are unhappy on some days. That is because a job is a job. Eventually, the glitz, excitement and dollar signs will fade away. You will merely be doing a job. That is why it is wise to choose something you enjoy on a regular basis, are passionate about, and that allows you to have what you desire most. At the end of the day, those three aspects will keep pushing you forward, because you will be working towards something important to you.Family members and friends always told me just to live my life, and it would come. I would discover my purpose and passion. They said that one day I would find the niche that I fit into perfectly. I never believed it. I thought that I would always wonder about whether I made the right decision or not. Now, I can say my family and friends were right. I found my home and will never question if I made the right decision, because I know I did. You will find your place and purpose. Just keep living. It is when you are living your life that you discover your interests, passions, meaning and perfect fit.