How to Curb Needy People from Taking Your Energy

Needy people want your energy. They want to be listened to. This is why I don’t bother to call my friends because I said; I’ll stick with hearing their stuff out on Facebook. I prefer the friends who do not call me every day, who actually have therapists they pay attention to. Not calling a needy person back is one way to set a very firm boundary. My Lamictal is a new medication I take to keep myself stable, that I’d dare say has made me truly stable. It is why I’m not a needy mess.


I’m a detached yet physically messy stable despite my knee injury, which still persists. I keep to myself a lot because my friends may tire me out without realizing it. I pretty much try to make sure needy people do not get the upper hand in my life. The second I see someone taking up a lot of my time, I dump them. So I had to dump someone else who was calling me too much. Once you change a persistent pattern like this in your life, it eventually wears itself out to the point you attract the situation you need.


Needy people are simply energy suckers. They want a lot from you that you have trouble giving. I was codependent in my last friendship, really giving into these persons need to have all her needs met by me. It exhausted me to the point where I was avoiding her phone calls. I deleted many of them. I mean I had to block her on my phone for goodness sake. She lives far away from me, so I don’t have to worry about her dropping in on me unexpected like she pulled one time on me.


When I need to be alone, I seriously need privacy to regroup my energies, as I’m an introvert who occasionally has the energy to be extroverted. When you drop in on me like this, unannounced, I’m pretty much not ready for you. This is why I value planning ahead because, with type 1 diabetes, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Sometimes you are cursed with everything coming down all at once, in particular, if you infuse. Infusion is one way to manage diabetes. I deal with stress, and at some point, somebody was more aware of my boundaries. I do not necessarily look for friendships when I have to give in to every demand made of me.


So yes, I’m an introvert who can take people in the next room so long as they are quiet, and not making demands on my energy. I need a less high-maintenance friend. I could not continue being my high maintenance friend’s friend anymore because she’d just make consistently bad choices. Being around symptomatic people is hard for me. Anybody with symptoms makes me feel their pain, which I could take away, maybe, but other people learn to deal with their pain on their own.Not everybody is born knowing how to deal with pain, although some of us have safeguards installed in their heads already that prevents us from doing anything really bad with that pain. Please respect my introversion because mania tosses me into the opposite, extreme extroversion. Thanks to my medication, I stay a quiet introvert more often than not. This is because I want to be, despite parental pressure to crack and talk while manic-like they do. See, I like my medication, so I take it, the end. Needy people tax my energy, draining my reserves.