How to Choose the Best Online College for Your Money

Online colleges and universities are popping up all over on the web in the United States. They are becoming the new trend for working adults and those with time-consuming family demands. Online learning is challenging because you have to stay on task and motivate yourself to maintain your studies. However, if you can do that, it is worth it. Here are some ways to choose the best online college for your money.


This is vital to your education. Certain colleges and universities are regionally accredited. This is exactly what you want. It means that that college or university has the same qualifications as a brick and mortar school. It also means that all of your credits will transfer. If you go to a college that is not regionally accredited you will find that your credits do not transfer and you will have to take them again. Do not get caught up in this trap. If a college or university is not regionally accredited but tells you it is on the waiting list, don't fall for it. Why? It still means every class you took before they became accredited still won't transfer. In the end, you will waste your Pell Grant or cash on something that will not help you in your long-term goals.

Program Choices

Shop around. There are many colleges online that offer the same programs as others. Look at the class roster, books required, and teacher qualifications. Make sure that you love the classes that they offer. Don't settle. Connect with many colleges, see what they have to offer. It's okay to have several colleges vying for your attention. Let them show you how their administrative team and advising team behaves. Are they rude? Rushed? Do they care about your needs or are they treating you like a student number?Some colleges and universities require testing before you can become a student, some don't. They may rely on your ACT or SAT scores. Some colleges have you take math and English placement tests in lieu of the ACT or SAT. It's up to you on what you want to do with that. Just remember that as a working adult with a family, it may be more of a hassle if you have to deal with an exam.


Look around and check per credit hour cost, most classes have three credit hours. Then, multiply three times the total amount of classes. This is what you will pay for the program over all. Then, ask if the colleges offer vouchers for books for Federal Aid. If they don't you will have to pay for them out of pocket. Some universities offer bachelors students free textbooks. Most texts are online nowadays, so it may be a good idea to look around for e-books. There are limits for a bachelors degree on how much aid you can receive from the Federal Pell Grant. So, be careful that you keep your total in mind. You can find out your total anytime during your school career by simply calling the Financial Aid department. Some colleges sneak in technology fees and other fees. Make sure you read the fine print of everything so you know exactly what you're paying for.Ultimately, it is your choice on where you want to go. Just remember that you have limits on your funding and don't let yourself become a victim of a non-accredited, expensive, private for-profit school. They price gouge. Online college is just as challenging as the brick and mortar schools. The best part is that you don't need to drive to a campus. There's no gasoline worries or car issues. You can do your studies in your PJs and have fun learning.I hope that these small tips can help you choose the best online college for your money. Happy learning!