How Are Narcissistic Empaths Dangerous?

A narcissist and an empath can coexist in one person’s psyche. To be clear, a narcissist lacks empathy for other people. The term narcissism comes from a Greek myth in which a Greek kid named Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water when he spurned the advances of Echo, a nymph. He fell in love with himself because he didn’t know any better; he might have been born that way.An empath has a lot to say about someone they just met because they gather their thoughts while around someone they want to read, which they can do very well, which makes an empath with narcissism dangerous to normal people. If you grew up in a narcissistic family, you would witness the dangerous manipulations. Some children do have minor narcissistic traits, but not everybody has them because we try hard not to act on them.


Empathy is a psychic ability, and a person with empathy is known as an empath. Narcissists also know how to read people like an empath would, maybe even better than an empath. A narcissist, however, often has negative intentions because of the way they gather information. Everybody is different though, we are all unique creatures, because of our DNA and life circumstances. Empaths are selfless people while a narcissistic empath has a hidden agenda with why they are reading you, and what they will do with the things they discover during the reading process.Empaths are natural people persons. Empaths can change a person’s energy through their thoughts about what that person needs or wants. A narcissistic empath does this for their own means, not to be helpful to someone. Narcissists are incredibly selfish people, who pretend they care about someone. Narcissists put themselves first; they care about other people before they could care about others. An empath has to develop a thick skin through discipline, therapy, and working on themselves. For an empath, I have a thick skin that I’ve worked very hard to cultivate since I was in college, all those unstable years ago.


Empaths and narcissists have one thing in common: they both get offended easily. Empaths get to feeling overly emotional, which makes them keep things inside, and this is something I’m prone to doing a lot myself. It is why I have so many anger issues, and why I went to the library to get self-help books to substitute a decent therapist. Empaths also spend their lives absorbing people’s pain while a narcissist gets angry and aggressive at someone who has pain of any kind, that they make a person feel guilty and ashamed for making the narcissist know they are feeling feelings that aren’t their own.

The Future

This is why narcissistic people scare me, as it runs in my family and I grew up with two, who wouldn’t even consider their “I’m never wrong,” ideas to be part of their megalomaniacal self-centeredness problem. I was gaslit a lot growing up since I was forced to believe in the history that we're rewriting. A narcissist will try to protect their ego above all else, tearing the other person down with their lies. Ego makes a narcissist obsess over the way they look, their money situation, their personal possessions, and in general, other people’s opinions on who they are. Narcissists can be aggressive about the way they treat other people. An empath cannot tolerate aggression inside of them, but they absorb it from those who are aggressive with them. Narcissistic people are interested in the way they choose to do things. A narcissistic empath is dangerous because they mean you harm and they can read specifically how to cause this harm in the best way they could possibly cause it. This is why narcissists are deliberate about the way they hurt other people’s feelings but are so charming that the victim does not necessarily notice their situation.Works Cited