How Household Male & Female Roles Have Changed

Did you ever think there would be a time when both men and women would be sharing the household responsibilities? Or a time when men would be cooking and cleaning and women working? Well, these days the household roles for female and male are changing more and more. There isn't a stereotypical role of a woman cooking and a man working anymore. Nowadays these household roles are intertwining.

Research & Statistics

According to the Huffington Post up to the 1970's men's and women's roles were really defined. Men dealt with wars, unemployment, and taxes. Women dealt with daily menu selections, diaper changes, and perfecting fake smiles that hid their true feelings. Recent years show the line between male and female roles are becoming blurred. Men are taking a more active role in homemaking and child rearing, while women are thriving in the business world.

Why Gender Roles Are Changing

One of the reasons why these roles are changing is because of the recession.   How Stuff Works says 80% of jobs lost belonged to men, which led to the women holding the majority of jobs in the United States. It was the first time women were working more than men. According to The Spruce, another contributor to this shift in gender roles are ambitious moms. There are more and more mothers that wanted jobs over their peers who had no children. Years ago children would slow down women and most were stay at home moms. Now women are independent and want jobs with huge responsibilities and huge salaries. Men are changing their attitudes about the stereotypical roles of men and women in the household. Men that have spouses that make just as much money as them have shifted their views of traditional roles.

Negative Stigma of Household Roles Changing

Despite there being so many supporting the change of household roles there are some against it. Many still believe in the unfair roles that society has instructed to take place. They believe that women are only responsible for the house, while men are only responsible for the money. Since these things are changing more people believe this is contributing to fewer people getting married. The world is still full of sexism and doesn't see women as capable of doing the same work as men. More people need to stop putting a gender on who takes care of the house and who goes out to work. If people could continue to support each other's qualities, marriages would increase with longer unions.