Hollywood: The Good, The Kind, The Great!

We are back in Hollywood, people! Let me tell you; with all the glitz and the glam, high rollers, and movie stars, it seems as though Hollywood could not be so down to Earth with itself. As far as the film industry goes, many actors and actresses keep to themselves as much as they seek out any publicity. Then, there are the rare stars of Hollywood, the ones who continue to themselves, but we, the people, come to find that many of Hollywood’s' celebrities are genuine kind souls. We have for the longest time thought there to be only one real genuine personality in that of actor Keanu Reeves, but we have discredited other names in the business such as the great Milo Ventimiglia. So, who is the kindest amongst these to gents?

Breathtakingly Kind

When we hear the name, Keanu Reeves,we might associate the man to his many on-screen personas, John Wick, Neo and so on.Aside from the characters he plays, Keanu Reeves is someone we have come to cherish in the Hollywood Spectrum. Not only has he been associated as the kindest personality in Hollywood, but the fact that he practices what we preach must make it valid truth. Whether it is helping someone fix a tire or conversing with the homeless, Keanu Reeves could do no wrong. It is if he is the Beyoncé of kindness; an aura surrounds him, and we are loving every minute of it. However! I must say, no to the breathtaking giant that is Keanu Reeves! As great of a human being he is, there are many more celebs that just about outweigh King Reeves!

This Is Milo

From his hit tv series, Hero’s,Gilmore Girls,and his most legendary roles as Robert Balboa (son of Rocky Balboa), Milo Ventimiglia is one of many underrated-up-and-comingactors of the twenty-first century. You can catch him in his now, most iconic role as Jack Pearson on NBC’s; ThisIs Us. The man is making things happen for himself in Hollywood. Now, how is it Milo competes with Keanu? Kindness is just one of many traits Milo possess, but if he is not worthy of the aura of kindness, he is definitely one of the coolest, calm, and collected actors in the business. Should you take a look at some of his interviews from the past few years, you may see what I see in Milo Ventimiglia in a different light (you can find the majority on YouTube). Consider, a clip from the Ellen DeGeneres Show, in which Ellen Pranks Milo (YouTube:Ellen's Epic Prank Fail on 'This Is Us' Star Milo Ventimiglia). Throughout the entire prank, Milo is soft-spoken, kind, and courteous towards the actress in character. In other words, Milo is one of the most down to earth personalities in Hollywood which makes his role as Jack Pearson so much more superficial to him in Hollywood.

The Cut

Both Keanu Reeves and Milo Ventimiglia could not be far off as Hollywood’s kindest personalities, but what separates them is the way we can choose to glamorize their kindness. Keanu, for sure, is kindness king; influential to the eyes of his many followers. Milo, however, is just as close to the mark of one of Hollywood's kindness personalities. The only question that remains now: Are you team Keanu or team Milo?