The History of the Fashion Line Forever 21

The fashion industry is one of the toughest, competitive, and rewarding businesses to enter. The reason because every day a new fashion line joins the fashion industry. Many fashion lines have come and gone, but Forever 21 has remained around for years. Forever 21 is one of the most successful and popular fashion empires.

The Man Behind Forever 21

At 26 years old a married couple by the name of Jin Sook and Do Don Wong Chang both came from South Korea in 1981. They ended up in California in search of the American dream. They had no money and nowhere to turn. Do Don Wong Chang began working as a janitor and a gas station employee for three years to feed his family. They wanted to do business in the coffee industry, but realized it was not the lucrative business they expected it to be. He began to notice that many of the customers he saw were in the retail business. This instantly sparked an idea into his mind and he decided to enter the fashion industry.

How Forever 21 Started

The CEO of Forever 21 Do Don Wong Chang opened a 900 square foot clothing store in 1984. It was called Fashion 21. The previous businesses in that same building had all been failures. They ranked in $700,000 in sales during the first year. In the beginning, they sold clothes with the popular Korean styles to the Korean American people living in Los Angeles. They began opening new stores every six months and soon changed the name to Forever 21.

The Forever 21 of Today

In 2009 Chang’s two daughters joined the family business. The oldest helps with marketing while the youngest is involved with the brand’s visual elements. It’s number #122 in Forbes biggest private companies list of USA. The fashion retailer makes a whopping $4.4 billion in sales from over 600 stores. These stores also include ForLove21, XXI Forever. The Chang’s are worth an estimated $6.1 billion.

How Forever 21 Differs From Other Fashion Lines

The main reasons why Forever 21 has remained a success is because it’s affordable, fashionable, and markets their products to everyone. Forever 21 differs from other clothing lines because it caters to the working class. A lot of fashion designers come out with fashion that many can’t afford. Which is why a lot of them are no longer in business. Forever 21 has kept their prices extremely affordable, selling dresses, pants, and tops for under 50 dollars each. They have also expanded their brand by selling men’s and plus size clothing. Unlike many of fashion lines, Forever 21 is a private company, meaning you can only find their products at their stores. They also sell beauty items, shoes, phone accessories, desk supplies, home décor and party decorations.

The Controversy Forever 21 Has Faced

Success doesn’t come without its problems. Despite Forever 21 is one of the most successful fashion brands in the world, it had its controversy. They have been sued numerous times for copyright infringements. Over 50 designers including Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Sui, Trovata, and Gwen Stefani have sued the company. They were never found guilty and settled most of the cases out of court. Forever 21 works very hard to maintain a great reputation and says they work with merchants instead of designers.

As A Consumer of Forever 21

I’ve been a customer of Forever 21 for over four years. I love their clothes because they are stylish, quality clothes that are affordable. I wasn’t always a fan of theirs because, in the beginning, they did not carry my size. When I turned 21, my aunt told me about a girl she saw that had some fabulous leggings on from Forever 21. I went to their website and was so happy that they had a plus size section. After receiving my first order, I instantly became a fan of their brand. When I shop at Forever 21, I buy quality clothing that looks extravagant without breaking the bank.