Heat-Free Ways to Get Curly Hair

Curls look great on virtually all hair, regardless of color or length. However, sometimes a curling iron just won't cut it. Some people don't like the damage that heating products have on their hair, and others don't feel like putting in the time. There are a few easy and lazy solutions to get heat-free curls in your hair.

Braiding For Longer Hair

This gives a natural wavy look. Wash and condition your hair like normal, comb out any kinks, and towel dry. Then simply divide your hair into pigtails and braid them both separately while still wet. Leave your hair like this for awhile and after a few of hours, loosen the hair ties and run your hands through your now wavy hair to get a natural look.

Sock Bun For Various Lengths

Cut the toe portion off of any sock you have lying around and roll it into a donut shape. Start with dry hair and put it into a ponytail atop your head, then run it through the hole in the prepared sock. Wrap sections of your hair over the outer surface of the sock and fold the ends securely underneath it. Continue rolling the sock down your ponytail toward your head, keeping hair tucked underneath it. Once completely secured in your hair, leave the sock bun in overnight. It's also worth mentioning that various stores now sell ready-made hair buns to eliminate the need for a sock.

Headband Twisting For Various Lengths

Take damp hair and place an elastic headband on your head. Make sure it's the kind that completely wraps around. Take a small section of your hair and twist it away from your face. Then wrap that section around the length of the headband, tucking beneath it and securing the hair with a hairpin. Continue until all of your hair is wrapped around the headband and wait until it's dry.

Hair Buns For Longer Lengths

Rock your inner Leia with this one. Separate your damp hair into two sections and wrap your hair in a circular pattern atop your head until you can't anymore. Secure it with a hair tie to make sure your bun stays in place. Leave in overnight and allow it to dry.There are creative ways around not using heating products to achieve curls, whatever your reason may be. I also suggest checking out youtube tutorials if you feel you didn't get it right upon first try.