Healthy Halloween Treats

Every Halloween is a spooky blast. But, healthy Halloween treats may ruin your fun. But it doesn’t have to. We have healthy alternatives to keep your Halloween fun going. You can follow the recipes, or get some inspiration to create your own. Cutting as much sugar as possible is the goal. Keep healthy and have fun this Halloween.

Boo Nanas


These spooky banana popsicle treats will be a fright delight. Who doesn’t enjoy some fruit? You will need :

  • 4 Bananas

  • 1 Cup Greek yogurt

  • 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar

  • Mini-chocolate chips

  • Popsicle sticks

  • ⅓ cup peanut butter

You can follow the recipe provided, or make your own creation. Taking your peeled bananas, cut them half short ways, and half long ways. Each banana will have a popsicle stick inserted to hold. You will place the bananas in the freezer until frozen. Whip up the powdered sugar and yogurt to dunk your frozen bananas in. The mini-chocolate chips will be the little eyes on the banana ghosts. For their peanut butter touch, warm the peanut butter up until creamy and decorate!

Hocus Pocus Punch


Say these magic words: “Hocus Pocus” and you have the sweetest drinks anyone will enjoy with less sugar. The recipe is so easy the kids can help. You will need:

  • Large glasses of your choice

  • 8 ounces of v8 peach mango

  • 6 ounces of Izze peach

  • 1 scoop of any mango sorbet

You will pour both the V8 and the Izze into the glass or jar you choose. Then you add the scoop of sorbet to top it off. That simple. You can add a little touch like Halloween straws, sprinkles, or anything of the sort. Be as creative as you can. Even make it “adult” as you wish if it’s for adults.

Candy Corn Jello


Candy corn jello is another great Halloween treat to toast to. You can make it for the children, or for your adult friends with added alternatives. Jell-O is a great healthy alternative. You’ll need:

  • 1 lemon Jell-O mix

  • 1 orange Jell-O mix

  • 8 oz. of Cool Whip

  • Boiling water

  • Shot glasses

  • Candy corn

Any shot glass or cup will do, the tallest is the best. Follow the instructions on the lemon Jell-O mix. Let it cool. Pour this cooled mixture ⅓ of the way in your glasses. Then put the glasses in the fridge to set. As soon as it’s set, begin the orange Jell-O mix. When it cools, fill the glasses ⅓ of the way. Repeat the process and put in the fridge to set. Once the orange Jell-O finishes setting, you may add your cool whip topping and a candy corn for garnish.

Holy Skully Guacamole


If you’re hosting a party or bringing a tray, you may have boring guac. This terrifying healthy treat will put the Halloween fun back into your food. You will need:

  • A guacamole recipe

  • An extra avocado to put aside

  • Lemon juice

  • Small spearing or carving knife

This treat requires carving skills so use caution. Start by making your guacamole. There are so many ways to do it, be sure to add lemon juice to the mix to keep from browning. Once your guacamole is set in place, it is time to carve your avocado. You will be carving a skeleton face, or any shape you are willing to try. Carve out two circles for the eyes and a triangle for the nose to make it simple. For the teeth, as shown, you will want to cut the skin only, removing it in a rectangle shape; then making teeth impressions with your knife. Put some lemon juice on the carvings to keep from looking like a terrifying mess. Then place your carved avocado on top or aside of your guacamole treat.

Mandarin Pumpkins


For those who want healthy treats at your Halloween party, or even edible decorations, this is the one. This treat is simple and easy, and anyone can do it. You will need:

  • As many mandarin oranges as you desire

  • A black sharpie (pen point is best)

Your first step is putting your art skills to test on the piece of paper. Once you got the hang of the sharpie and your design you’re ready. Take a mandarin orange and draw a jack-o-lantern face on the orange. Then the treatment is complete! Easy and simple. You can even do different spooky faces with different colors. It’s a fun and easy idea for decorations or even trick-or-treaters.SaveSave