Handling A Sudden Move to a Different State

The Move

The big move, it is finally here! Whether you are young or old, thrilled or reluctant, moving has a way of changing people. New experiences await, there are things to see, people to meet, all of the above. Once you have landed where you are, it is now time to take advantage of the big move. Similar to my last article, How to Cope With Moving Out of State, Handling a Sudden Move to a Different Place transition elaborates adjusting to a move. Now, having moved miles from home, here are a few ways to changing to your new home away from home.

Settle In

Now, I am stating the obvious, I know, but, ideally, you get comfortable in your natural habitat. Move some furniture around to your liking, decorate the wall with posters or art decor. Do not make it seem like you are a prisoner with blank walls being the only thing you see. Adding some decorative objects to your place of living will ease your homesickness. In today’s day-and-age, everyone is a homebody, or close to it. So, there is nothing wrong with getting a feel of your new home. 

Get Out

Now, this is nothing like the film, but you should act on the title of it and break free from your habitat. Get out and explore the neighborhood, walk around the city, or even explore the whole county! Get familiar with your surroundings. Sure, being a homebody is nice, most of us have no problem being couch potatoes. However, to stay couped up in our rooms 24/7, may not be the best thing for you. So, break free from the homebodies now and then, and explore around some. 

Meet & Greet

Pretty much tied in with with the previous section, you need to get out and meet people. Whether you are a loner or not, life is better with the company. Find someone or a group of people that enjoy similar things you enjoy or can interest you in situations you never thought you would enjoy. Once you have met your clique of people, then that should open some doors for you to be it social events, job opportunities, and bonding activities. Your new friends offer you more than ease of living in a new environment. They are a guide to how things work around town, the go-to ear for your issues. They possess a familiarity with everything you will need to get a feel for things; so, utilize the meet and greet method!

Keep In Touch

Home is where the heart is, so they say. It is true; home is where the heart, despite being at your new home away from home. Whether you moved for college, work, or your gain, you miss home, and I am sure, home misses you too. So, keep in touch! With a mass amount of electronics and digital interface, communication has never been more accessible. 

There may come a time where you will feel homesick from time to time, so utilize technology and talk with your friends and family back home. Take some time out of your schedule and find some clarity with things. Anyone you speak to, family or close friends, will help ease your mind and stress of thoughts clouding your spirits. No matter your destination, you will find a way to adjust as much as needed.

Keep Your Head Up

Exactly! Times will get tough. Do not let the times get the best of you. It may be hard at first to adjust to your surroundings. You will experience new things, both over and underwhelming. Change is hard, but it is not something you should go through alone. So, what are you waiting for? Get out! Explore! Enjoy.