Here Is Why Writing Poetry Heals the Soul

A Poem of Poetry

Poetry, sweet, poetry. Why does no one cherish thee? Do they not appreciate grand stories and rhyme schemes? Do they not understand ABAB? Is it the way words convey meaning in concise sentences? Maybe they find it challenging to find poetic references? Poetry, I believe they are too cool to understand literacy as something genuine. Decades ago, English in school was considered feminine. However, Poetry is much more than what thee believes; in fact, it is an art form which thee conceives. Merging Metaphors and Similes to create something worthwhile and sweet. My friends, poetry is something versatile and yet so unique. So, let's cleanse the soul of anything putrid and dull. Poetry is here to ease the spirit so use an ear to hear it. 


First things first, I would like to thank you for reading my little bit above before we get into it. Thank you. Now, if you were able to understand anything from above, kudos. Poetry, if not more than usual, is written-off, more than usual. Poetry is not for everyone, and that is fine. What poetry does offer is a way to escape into a world far from our reality. It is an expression tool which enables us to write our ideas, anger, sadness, and even happiness out in the most understandable way possible. 

Begins with parts of speech together into sentences and stanzas allows us to vent our emotions creatively. I know what you are thinking, soundsfeminine. Poetry exists in many art forms and stylizations that even us critics are very familiar with. Music songs, for example, are one form contain poetic stylizations telling stores in their way with the inclusion of playful melodies. Poetry, although a dying art form, is a literary tool which offers ways in which anyone can express themselves.

 Story Telling

The pen is mightier than the sword, so it is claimed. So, when we apply pen to paper, we immerse ourselves into a creative platform so superficial that we lose ourselves. When a song is written, no matter its mood, it tells a story. When a screenplay is written, it shares many high and low points when giving meaning to its story. Poetry acts similarly, providing its stories in a more condensed wordplay. Poetry, instead, is writing poetry is a way to tell your story, to share your ideas, and to gather a sense of things. 


Yes, we have all heard it, creativity is a way of expressing yourself, all that corniness. Although, it is not all that corny to express yourself through the likes of writing poetry. One of the ways we come to terms with things (healing the soul) is to express ourselves. Writing has worked many wonders for artists and musicians alike merging their creative flows with the likes of poetry. We express ourselves in just as many ways; happiness, joy, pain and sadness, fury, and insanity, all of the above. As a result, we write to express emotions, to share our literate wits, or to conceal for our safekeeping.

 Self- Fulfilment

Writing poetry is much more than words on a paper; it is a combination of meaning, wordplay, and sense of reasoning that may poetry a useful literary tool. For those who write poetry, the expression is only one aspect the form of writing. We write poetry for many things, in particular, to question things, to make aware our struggles, to attack and to defend beliefs and idealizes, and so on. Writing heals us in some way or another. In some ways, we write to find a purpose whatever the purpose may be. We write to question life and its meaning. We write to give sense to life. Poetry is a way of escaping the world we know for the world we dream of having. Whether you lack creativity or do not see yourself as the creative type, there is a creative aspect about you that you have not yet found. Writing poetry may be the place you should start.