Your Guide to a Successful Halloween

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the holiday season and Halloween is no different. To make sure you don’t get lost in the process, plan ahead so everything is set for the Halloween festivities to begin. Halloween is one of the best times in the year to unleash your creativity and expressiveness. To help you on your mission, we developed this simple guide for the successful Halloween you deserve.

Make Lists

A to-do list will help you stay organized and focused. Put the most daunting tasks first so you can get them out of the way. You can do this the old-fashion way, on a piece of paper or use the Notes application on your smartphone. The advantage of using Google or Apple Notes is that you can share the list with someone who’s helping you get things done. Plus, you're less likely to lose a digital document. You should also create a shopping list. It will make sure you don’t go overboard and you don’t forget things you need.

Get Shopping Done

Shopping should be the number one task on your to-do list. Your shopping list should include, pumpkins, interior and exterior decorations, Halloween costumes, Halloween recipe ingredients and trick or treat candy. This might take you more than one trip to complete, but the real fun starts when the shopping is done. If you don’t have a car, use a trolley to carry all the goodies home. You can also do your shopping online. Stores like Walmart and Target have shipping options available. You can shop on Amazon as well. 

Hang up Decorations

Put the basic decorations up first because you can keep decorating along the way. You don’t need to buy new decorative items. If you have any leftover from last year, use them. You can also use a lot of recycled material available in your household and make DIY decorations. Keep it simple, but keep it fun. Check out this article for 40+ DIY Halloween Decorations

Send Halloween Invitations

If you're having people over for dinner. Make sure to send creative invites in the spirit of Halloween. If you know a friend or a family member who might be spending this creepy time of year alone, invite them to your home and have a good time. Making invitations is fairly simple, all you need is a printer and colored paper. Here are a few Halloween Cards to try. 

Download Scary Movies

Nowadays, buying and renting movies is so convenient. Especially when you have Netflix or an Amazon account. If you plan on downloading movies, it’s better to do this ahead of time because it might take awhile depending on your internet speed. See Top 240 Halloween Movies and The Best Kid-friendly Halloween Movies.

Start Carving Pumpkins

If you’re going to use real pumpkins, do this before cooking your favorite Halloween recipes. Don’t let those delicious pumpkins go to waste. Use the inside of the fruit to make so foods such as cookies, pumpkin pasta and my all-time favorite, the glorious pumpkin pie. If you want to reserve the pumpkins or you’re worried they won’t make it through, you can go the artificial route.

Plan Outdoor Activities

There are many fun outdoor Halloween activities. Decide what you and your family want to do for Halloween this year. Which haunted houses will you be visiting? Are you going to a Halloween parade? A festival? Whatever you do, don’t forget to walk around your neighborhood to see the most creative Halloween decorations. Check out Eventbrite for events happening near you. 

Make Halloween Recipes

There are countless Halloween recipes you can make for Halloween this year. Pick easy dishes that you can make and freeze ahead of time. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you can buy a lot of pre-made delicious food. Just make sure you get it before it runs out of stock. 

Give Back to the Community

Finally, if you have the time and capabilities to volunteer this Halloween, don’t forget to do this. Check out to find volunteer opportunities nearby. You can also give blankets and socks to the homeless. You don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to give back.