Goodies That Will Remind You Of The 90s

The best time of your life was in the 90s. For those who didn’t live it up then, now you can! Goodies we found aren’t exactly from the 90s. They're as great. These products will remind you of when the good times rolled.

Chanel’s Vamp

Chanel’s Vamp nail polish. Enough said. It was the most raved about nail polish and fastest ‘sold out’ hype to happen to cosmetics. If you had it, you never begged so hard in your life. Or were lucky enough that a friend let you borrow some. It was Chanel’s color of choice after all. This Essie deep red wine Bordeaux will come as close as you can.

Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank never left out of style. She still lives online and your nearest store. Today, she has more than those magical lipstick tins and stickers. There’s even a whole set of adult clothing. The neon pinks, purples, and blues will never leave your sight. In fact, you may still have Lisa Frank stickers on your laptop or makeup box right now. Or even considering buying some more now that we mentioned it. Add these Lisa Frank cease and angled makeup brushes to your collection, and thank me later.


It’s hard to think that once upon a time humanity did not have scrunchies. You know you’d freak out if you lost your favorite scrunchie. Don’t have one? You’ll want one, even if you wear it on your wrist. Since The Heathers, we made it a symbol of throwing your hair back and getting dirty; whatever your dirty is. Check out Forever21’s selection of scrunchies. From formal to diva, they have a variety of them.

Character Pajamas

Remember dying to sleep in on school days, but waking up early on the weekends to watch cartoons or even MTV? This was the weekend morning routine before the mall. But, do you remember what you were wearing? You’re favorite pajamas of course. Usually batman, wonder woman, or even the teenage mutant ninja turtles! I doubt they fit you now, so pick up some adult TMNT pajamas at Walmart and relive childhood with a bowl of Cap'n Crunch.


They were all over your room and always needed a rewind. But, you loved your cassette collection. Although they’re still easy to come by and you may still have yours, you can go further into the collection. Turn it into fashion! Check out this cassette bag. Flaunt it in front of your friends, and they’ll tell you all about the tunes they had.

Blow-up Chairs

Britney Spears had her signature blow up chair. For die-hard 90s fans, they never lost their air. In fact, when you had your first place it was the only furniture you had. This alien blow up chair will take you back and out of this world.

Graphic Cups

We collected them for our favorite characters and sports teams. Even McDonald's had their collection you could buy. Graphic cups were almost as good as the solo cups. But we got to keep them for years. Keep these Wonder Woman graphic cups in your cabinet for future generations to enjoy.

Denim Jacket & Patches

Denim wasn’t the highlight for the 90s first, but we did make it look cool again. It was the Olsen Twins’ choice of style. It was a great trend after all. You could dress one up, or down. Old Navy has many options for the whole family. And don’t forget the patches. It was a way of expressing ourselves through fashion. Check out these adorable patches from Macy’s!