Getting into Shape & Losing Weight After Having a Baby

Having a baby can be a very joyous occasion for mothers. In fact, it is one of the most precious moments we can experience in our lives. However, losing the weight we have put on from pregnancy can sometimes be challenging. Here are some ways to get back into shape and lose weight after having a baby.

Eat Smaller Portions

Eating smaller portions is one way that we can begin losing weight. But this is easier said than done. Often, pregnancy can cause us to have ravenous appetites as we are growing a human being inside our bodies. Once the baby is born, however, we no longer need all the extra calories. It can be challenging to cut out a few indulging snacks, especially if they were off limits during pregnancy. Instead of having three pancakes, eat two of them with eggs and fruit. Instead of eating two slices of pizza, have one slice of pizza with a salad.

Eat More Often

Recognize that you will still be hungry a lot, especially if you are taking care of a newborn. Be sure to have plenty of healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables, cheese, or popcorn that you can munch on every few hours. Spend time preparing your meals ahead of time. Eat snacks in between meals to keep yourself full and to avoid getting so hungry that you will eat anything.

Move a Little More

Move a little more. A little exercise goes a long way. Begin with walking and stretching, eventually incorporating some of your old exercise habits. And if you did not exercise before, this is an excellent time to start. Try Yoga or dance videos/classes you might enjoy. Begin to engage your core muscles, but be careful if you have a diastasis rectus (separation of the ab muscles) as this will require specific exercises.

Drink More Water

Drink more water. Sometimes when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. Also, drinking water helps to flush toxins out of the body and to keep us well hydrated. When we drink water with our meals, we also stay fuller longer and get fuller quicker.

Be Patient With Yourself & Your Body

Be patient with yourself and your body. It took you nine to ten months to gain all the weight to have your baby. Although celebrities and supermodels may look back to their normal selves in a matter of weeks or days, for most mothers it will take longer than that. I currently am the mother of a six-month-old son, and I'm still in the process of losing my baby weight. However, I am gaining more confidence through following these steps I have been providing for you. I may not have the body I had before, but I am determined to get back into shape. You can do it, too!