Adding Volume to Your Hair with Chocolate Hair

Today we no longer have to spend endless hours at hair salons to get hair extensions put in on our hair. We have the luxury to buy hair and decide whether we want clips ins or want them installed in our hair by hair stylists. If you're going out to spend money on hair and you want human hair extensions, it's important to buy the best quality so you can get the most wears out of your hair. The good thing is Chocolate Hair along with other brands can give you the peace of mind that you are buying 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair.Finding hair extensions can be challenging. Not only do you have to find the color you want to match your hair, but you also need to decide whether you want synthetic or human hair; if you want human hair, you have to decide what quality you want and how much you're willing to pay for it. I'm currently blonde, and it can be challenging for me to find the best hair extensions. Chocolate Hair provides a variety of human hair options that can be permed, bleached, and dyed.

The Bundles

You can get two different bundles. It comes in straight hair and body wave. A lot of times we go out and buy hair extensions, and the high-quality hair doesn't come with enough hair in the package which makes you have to buy more. With Chocolate Hair their bundles come with enough hair if you're looking to add hair extensions on your whole head.

Eva 3 Bundles - Straight


Unique selling propositions:

  1. 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair

  2. Dye, Perm, and Bleach

  3. Wash up to 10x or more

  4. No shedding, no tangles, and no split ends

  5. Reinforced double weft

  6. 95g each bundle, total 285g

  7. Trustworthy brand

Available Lengths:

  1. 8"+10"+12"

  2. 10"+12"+14"

  3. 14"+16"+18"

  4. 18"+20"+22"

  5. 20"+22"+24"

Available Color(s):

  1. Dark Natural

Dying, Bleaching & Perming


I only had the pleasure of adding one process of bleaching to the bundle I received. But, these extensions can be altered to match whatever color you'd like. Just keep in mind doing anything to any extension can damage them. If you're blonde like me, I wouldn't recommend bleaching the extensions all in one session. It's always great to use products like Olaplex so that you won't damage the hair. But, I would honestly refrain from over processing the hair. You want to make sure you get the most use from the product.Chocolate Hair's Eva Bundle is a great deal. You're not only getting 285 grams of hair (which is a lot more than other brands), but they also come in different lengths which can make it easier to get that natural layered look. It also gives you the option to put the hair where you want for your needs. If you're looking for more volume and not length putting the shorter length on the top half on your head can help you achieve that. If you have the volume but not the length, you can add the longer pack to the bottom half of your hair.Regardless of what your needs are this bundle is a great deal, the hair is high quality, and it hasn't been processed which makes it easier to alter the color or texture of the hair.Have you used Chocolate Hair's other products? Let us know what you think below!SaveSave