How to Get That School Routine Started Again

Everyone has the back-to-school blues. You can learn how to get your kids ready in time! I cannot stress on how important it is to start a week in advance. You must get rid of that summer fog and jump into their school routines. During this week, they should have a schedule like their school schedule and stick to it. Their day needs to have physical, mental, and verbal activities for practice. Pinterest has plenty of ideas for your child.

Plan The Night Before

Always start the night before or else you will be in a rush in the morning. This helps you remember all the things you will most likely forget. Discuss with the kids what they want for lunch (if they pack one) and snack (after school or evening at school snack). Pack those lunches up and put in the fridge ready to go for tomorrow. Pack their backpacks with all their supplies and sitting by the door waiting for them. Be sure to do homework checks when school starts! Make sure their shoes, coats, sports gear, etc, is waiting for them at the door. After the kids have chosen what to eat, they can choose their outfits to lay out and be ready to go tomorrow.  

Bedtime Routine

Now for the bedtime routine! Start their bedtime early the whole week. Some of them are going to have a hard time falling asleep due to excitement or anxiety. Take care of those baths and guide them through their hygienic routines. By next week, their hygiene routine will done before you even have to ask. When they finish getting clean and cleaning up, they can help set up their morning routine. Lay out everything they will need in the morning, like their toothbrush. Laying out what they need will also be good practice to remember their routine. Their hygiene should become second nature to them by the second week. After the night chores and everyone’s ready for bed, there won’t be so much confusion in the morning.  

Morning Routine

Come morning time, the kids will have their entire routine laid out for them. This week is the perfect week to give them any pointers you want to give them. Then it’s off to the kitchen for breakfast. If your child eats breakfast at school it is still good to keep track of time. A good idea is to take them out of the house and packed up to practice. A library is a place like their school. They can practice using their inside voice and taking the time to learn. This is going to get their minds familiar again. Some websites can help them get a head start on all the new things they will learn in their grade or class. Khan Academy is a great site to get that early head start in their education. Don’t forget physical activities like a walking or jogging. We want them to have a similar day to what school will be like. Some schools will release their schedules, you can stick to these to help regulate their time. For example, feed them lunch when they will have lunch at school.  

Double Check

You can start weeks before school starts or days depending on when you feel your kids will be ready. Starting early will give you time to discuss a lot with your kids and answer any questions they may have. Discuss their new school year. They should also know what subjects they are taking and who their teachers are. Write down important information somewhere or in their smartphones. Remembering home phone numbers, or a parent's number is important. Make sure to discuss anxiety or any worries they might have. It’s important to address different things they are willing to talk about. Keep this discussion all year.  

Parental Reminders

Parents and guardians need to be ready too. Check the school for up-to-date paperwork. Make sure they have lunch money in their accounts or pockets! Understand all the rules and dress codes so you can explain them to your children. Prepare a homework area for them that never changes. Be sure to build consistency in their routines even when they come home. Organize as much as you can to make the first day a little easier on them. Even plan out a week of meals and snacks breakfast, lunch and dinner to make it easier on you. It saves money as well as time.  After you feel that you and your children are on the same page you’re sure to have a good year. At least a good first week, we know how crazy the beginning of the school year can be. Once you have organized your children’s routine start to finish, you know they will have one of the best years. So will you!