Fun Activities You Can Do Without Spending A Lot Of Money

Let’s face it that summer is coming to an end very soon, and everyone wants fun activities they don’t cost a lot of money. No one whether they have money or not wants to spend a ton of it to do fun activities. Knowing what activities you can do with your friends and family makes a world of difference. With only a few more weeks of the summer vacations and free time, it’s crucial to make the best of your time. No one wants to go broke and increase their debt while treating their friends and loved to fun. These are the best ways to have fun without breaking the bank.

Have A Movie Night

While going to the movies is fun, it’s also very expensive. Having a movie night is a fun, less expensive way to enjoy yourself. Pick a theme such as Super Hero Night, Classic Movie Night, Funny Movie Night, or Sci-Fi Movie Night. Unlike going to the movies, you have the option of having your own snacks. Most people make old-fashioned air-popped popcorn with real butter, curling up with blankets, turning on the stereo surround sound and dimming the lights.

Go Hiking

Most states have a great number of parks complete with hiking trails. Check out your state’s tourism website and get a list of hiking areas. Set out a few hours and the weekend, get some fresh air and exercise and enjoy the new scenery as you take in the beauty of nature.

Picking Fruit On A Farm

Many small and large farms have areas where you can pick apples, strawberries, and other fresh fruits. Many of these farms will charge customers less or the same as you would pay for grocery store fruit, so there’s no extra monetary cost to you. 

Host A Game Night

Board games such as Monopoly or Pictionary card games, or even Blackjack is great fun for a game night. There’s something about getting together with loved ones for a game night that invokes lots of memories, laughter, and fun. Make some fun, drinks, and play some music and it’s a great party. 

Host A BBQ

There’s nothing like a BBQ party with loved ones to get summer (or spring, fall or winter) rolling. You can cook burgers, hot dogs, or chicken breasts, have friends bring side dishes or chips and enjoy a nice meal outdoors with loved ones.

Play At A Park

It’s an oldie, but goodie and doesn’t cost much money. In fact, some parks don’t cost anything. You’re never too old to go swinging or take a ride down a slide. Grab the family or some friends and head to a local park for some good old-fashioned playtime.

Have A Nostalgia Night

Get out the old photo albums, or put on some old videos and enjoy the memories of yesteryear with your loved ones. You will laugh so much as you remember the fun of days gone.

Go To The Library

Set aside a few hours to browse through your local library bookshelves and sit back and read. Most libraries these days have a lot of chairs and loveseats so that you can read at the library without even checking out a book. 

Explore A New Town

Most states have dozens of small towns ready for visiting. For the price of a tank of gas, you can spend a day checking out one or more new towns that are a couple of hours from your home. Most small towns have fun stores, cafes and other tourist attractions to see.

Create A Scavenger Hunt

Doing a scavenger hunt is fun and can be educational. Gather some loved ones together, divide them into groups, and hand each group a list of things to find. The hunt can be as big or as little as you want it to be: it can consist of things found in the yard or the local park, or things found in a neighborhood or small town. They’ll enjoy it, and you can also reward them with keeping the items they find or rewarding the group that finds all the items.

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