Foods To Eat That Fight Cancer

Despite what doctors tell you there are foods to eat that fight cancer. People that have never had a history of it, even children that haven’t even gone through puberty have breast cancer. No one really knows the reason why people get cancer, but there are ways to fight it. It starts with food and lifestyle then proceeds to genetics. Fighting cancer with chemotherapy and radiation is one way, but these kinds of foods also help fight it.


Certain teas are linked to fighting cancer mainly because they come from plants that completely prevent the growth of cancer cells. Green, Dandelion, and Chaga Mushroom tea are the best teas to drink to fight cancer. Green tea is the most popular in the Chinese and Japanese culture. It stops new blood vessels that cancers need to feed themselves with nutrients. Also, it protects the body against ultraviolet damage, boosts the immune system, and triggers natural detox enzymes that help protect against cancer forming. 


Tomatoes are a cancer-fighting superfood that contains lycopene which helps prevent heart disease. They also contain the vitamins A, C, & E which are all components needed to fight cancer. Finding a way to add fresh tomatoes to your daily diet is a must. At least eat one serving of tomatoes a day. Cooked and processed tomato-based foods like juice, sauce, soup, and ketchup have the most lycopene. The heat releases more of the nutrients and allows the body to absorb it easily. You can add some on top of a pizza, stuffing a few in your sandwich, or using cherry tomatoes in a fresh salad. Each time you eat tomatoes you are decreasing your chances of getting cancer and fighting it if you do. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are filled with beta-carotene which is another powerful antioxidant. It helps reduce the risk of lung, colon, and stomach cancer. Any premenopausal women that eat lots of vegetables with beta-carotene, folate, vitamin C, and fiber have reduced their risk of breast cancer by half. 


Everyone knows fruit is great for the body and everything else, but it’s one of the number one foods that fight cancer. Berries contain antioxidant compounds which protect cells from damage linked to cancer. They also boost your immune system and gives you energy. Blueberries are the most powerful they have the most potent antioxidant anthocyanosides and resveratrol. Strawberries are a great source of antioxidants, folic acid, and vitamin C which helps fight esophageal cancer. Dark red raspberries come from flavonoids that work with fiber to keep you healthy and prevent disease. Ellagic acid in raspberries has been linked to anti-estrogen properties used to fight certain breast cancers. Blackberries just like blueberries have the potent antioxidant anthocyanosides. Blackberries also help to strengthen the immune system to help fight and reduce cancer. 


Any green leafy vegetable is essential to any healthy diet, but spinach is among the best foods to fight cancer. It helps to keep your body’s defenses strong because of the antioxidants and vitamin E. It reduces the risk of stomach, colon, lung, liver, and many other cancers. Just one cup of cooked spinach delivers about a third of your daily requirement of vitamins. Try eating it in a salad, sautéed, or steamed with grilled fish or chicken. Your entire body will thank you.