Five Ways To Be Successful In The Entertainment Industry


Here’s the truth, you are somebody. Here’s another fact, other people want to be somebody just like yourself. As unfortunate as it sounds, not everyone achieves their goal of one day making it to the big leagues. That should not stop you, however! Within the entertainment industry, many avenues have paths in which you can take, whether it is directing, acting, writing, music, and so on, your journey awaits you! It will not be easy, but it will only be as hard as you make it. That all being said, here are five helpful hands (tips) when pursuing your big dream.


For most of us dreamers, we are not that lucky when it comes to the cities or states we were brought up in. Entertainment capitals which include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta to name a few come with quite a lot of resources and ways to break into the business. So, use what resources are around you. Locate a talent-oriented company that works with your specific field of skill (ex. Acting workshops or classes, radio stations, free dance classes, etc.). It may not be the limelight, but it is a  support system to get you there. Never rush yourself to get where you want to be in a short amount of time, realize that life is happening now! You will get there just be patient.


It is hard to leave home having spent the early part of your life where everything is familiar to you. If the dream is what you want, then you know what you need to do, move. Now, that is easier said than done. If you’re going to act, you have many options for places to live (New York, LA, Atlanta, and Chicago). Search out what specific emphasis of creative avenues you would like to explore and find the location that suits you. Interested in music, New Orleans may be the place for you! How about Film? LA is the spot. Broadway; Hello, New York! No matter which creative avenue you seek, research, and find the right city that you are comfortable with. Do a quick search on neighborhoods, transportation routes, highways and commuting, and potential jobs. 


Now that you have moved, its time to find your footing. Weirdly, it is like you are a toddler learning to walk. You gain experience figuring out your surroundings, understanding the ins and outs of things, and transitioning into a new stage of life. It may come at you fast, but there are ways to slow down. Now that you are where you want to be, my advice to you, take a year off from pursuing your dreams. You are not giving up your goals; you are prepping for them. For specific dream-careers, they may come quicker for you, but management is key. It may be hard to wait, many of us want to get into the role of things as soon as we can, but be patient. A year guarantees you will not only get comfortable with your surroundings, but your preparations will benefit you in the long run. So, move where you would like, find a suitable job to get back what you spent (and more), start making connections, and before you know it, good things will come.


To keep yourself invested in the entertainment industry,  promote yourself. Connections matter! Get yourself out there as much as possible. Sure, it sounds counter-productive, and in some ways, it is. With the year you take off from pursuing a career in the industry (no matter what it is), commit yourself in subtle ways, If you are an actor, seek out free classes and workshops, being an extra in films, be apart of the team off-screen and help where you can. If it is music, try online resources such as SoundCloud and even youtube (youtube is always a go-to). Make your beats and practice that lyrical flow and your popularity will surely grow. Speaking of online resources, social media is today’s new wave of connections and self-promotion, so consider Instagram and LinkedIn as ideal candidates for such. 


You know the arts, whatever they may be, is what you want to do in life, right? Of course, it is, we just went over four other ways to be successful in the entertainment industry! With every ambition, there must be twice as much effort put into it. As you pursue your dreams, let it be known that specific skills are a ness city for obtaining these careers of yours, so practice! No matter the professional skills are a must. Train and gain the experience needed to perfect your abilities; as a result, what you learn will benefit your knowledge going fourth in your career. You know what they say, knowledge is power.

Dorian WilkersonComment