Five Tips on Beating Homesickness in College

It is the moment you have been waiting for—college. You cannot wait to start the next chapter of your life. No more rules or lectures from your parents. It is going to be the time of your life. Then, it happens. You have been in college for a few weeks or maybe, even months. The excitement of a new city, home, and school start to fade away, and the longing feeling for your family grips tightly on to your dispirited heart. You are homesick. Even so, the bliss and thrill you once had for college can surely be regained.

Get A Pet

Homesickness creates a feeling of loneliness in your everyday activities. Your chaotic family is appreciated for the comforting feeling it provided you. If you are an animal lover and your living situation allows it, a good way to fill that empty feeling is to adopt a pet. A cat or dog offers companionship; an animal brings that uplifting feeling your family gave you back into your life. Additionally, you will always have someone to come home to. Adopting a dog will start an initiative to get out of the house more, which can lessen your homesick feeling. For example, a dog needs to be walked and brought to the bathroom. In larger cities, dog parks are popular and a great way to allow your dog to get proper exercise. In other words, a dog will force you into situations where you can meet new people. Dogs are amazing conversation starters.Plus, you will be introduced to animal lovers alike. The bond of family is irreplaceable, but meeting new people means developing relationships that can help you ditch the lonesome feelings and allow you to start making happy college memories. For example, a dog needs to be walked and brought to the bathroom. In larger cities, dog parks are popular and a great way to allow your dog to get proper exercise. In other words, a dog will force you into situations where you can meet new people.

Get Fit

Biologically, working out boosts your mood and makes you feel happier. Working out releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins that spark a positive sensation in your body. By exercising, homesick feelings can be replaced with positive emotions. As an added benefit, getting fit can increase your confidence. Joining the gym or a running club will put you in situations to meet new people. The same idea that applied with getting a pet applies here. The more situations you put yourself in to meet new people, the more likely you will create friendships and be able to fill that lonesome void.There will always be moments when you will miss your family but that does not mean your college experience has to be remembered negatively. Homesickness stems from an aching for honest and secure relationships like you have with your family members. If you allow yourself to meet new people, you will more likely find those genuine relationships you desire.

Skip the Library

The settings you put yourself in are unquestionably important because they affect your mood exceedingly. If you put yourself in a gloomy atmosphere, you will feel sad. If you are in a more uplifting environment, you will automatically become more optimistic. The library can be boring, quiet and the perfect setting for feeling down and hopeless. Starbucks, on the other hand, has live music, inspiring individuals and of course, delicious coffee. If you opt for a local Starbucks, you will be more enthusiastic, motivated and caffeinated. Instead of going to the library to do homework or a write a paper, try out a Starbucks or any coffee shop near you to see if it can have a positive impact on your mood.


When volunteering, you get the gratification of seeing others’ lives change for the better. This alone can increase your spirits; moreover, volunteering can also help you kick those homesick feelings to the curb. When volunteering, you will meet compassionate people who have similar passions as you. If you volunteer at a dog shelter, you will meet animal lovers. When you volunteer at a children’s hospital, you meet others who also have a passion for children and medicine. Volunteering has so many valuable attributes that can significantly benefit your mental health while positively impacting others’ lives. Volunteer and you can meet kind-hearted people, beat your homesickness and offer priceless service to others.

Find a New Hobby or Take Up an Old One

When attending a large university, it can often feel overwhelming. Maybe, you do not have the initiative or finances to join a fraternity or sorority, or your school does not offer a club that seems entertaining. In these situations, it is a clever decision to try out a new hobby or take up an old one. If your school offers a club you will enjoy, join it. If your school does not offer a club that is interesting, check available clubs in your area.Many metropolitan areas offer a wide variety of clubs. Even smaller towns will have clubs available to the public. Photography, golfing, writing, running, reading and cooking are a few hobbies that often have clubs conveniently located near most locations. When taking up a hobby, you will have something enjoyable to look forward to and will meet people with similar interests. Unless you put yourself in circumstances to meet new people, you will not be able to develop authentic relationships you are searching for. If you open up your heart and mind to new experiences, people, and opportunities, you can certainly beat homesickness in college.