Are These Five Elements in Your Resume?

Does your resume cover all the necessary elements? Most people believe they have covered everything on their resume. However, most are missing the essential elements of a stellar resume. Making sure it's the best can make or break you when it comes to the job market. It's true, the resume is just an outline of your skill and work experience, but it should still have these five elements:Contact InformationAt the beginning of any resume, there should be contact information. This is very important because when resumes are sent to employers there needs to be a way they can contact you. They can't offer you the job or ask any questions if there's no contact information. If you are looking for local work around the community you live in, then adding your address could be essential. If you are looking for remote or abroad jobs then adding a phone number and email is perfectly fine.EducationAfter making sure you have best contact information in your resume, add education. It's vital to any degrees in your resume. It shows the employer that you have studied in a particular field and that you have an educational background. Make sure you include the type of degree (bachelor's, master's, doctorate, etc.) the name of the school, and the year you received the degree. In today's job market education is one of the many things employers take into consideration when hiring.ExperienceIn your resume, there must be a mention of your work experience. This can include any work you've done. It doesn't necessarily have to be the type of job you're applying for. When it comes to experience, employers look for the amount of experience you have. If you have done any volunteer work, include that in your resume. The most recent work should be at the top of the experience section of the resume. When applying for jobs, the employer will want to see your most recent work first.Professional SkillsThere must be a section on your resume that shows your skills. They should be added in bullet points so that the resume looks neat. If you are applying for a job that requires you to have a particular skill or software experience that you acquire add it. The more skills that are in your resume, the more jobs you'll receive.Samples of Your WorkThe last essential thing in your resume should be examples of your work. This shows the employer exactly the type of work you've done. You can add a small section naming your work samples. The best way to include examples would be to have a link to an online portfolio. Creating a portfolio is a professional way to have examples of your work available for employers and companies to review. Even if you're a mechanic or engineer have a portfolio with pictures of your work. Sharing samples of your work can often determine whether or not you are right for the job. If you are having any problems finding work, make sure to add these five elements to your resume.