Finding Your Purpose

Have you ever thought about your life's purpose? I have. I have spent countless nights tossing and turning while contemplating the reason I was put on this earth. What am I suppose to do? How am I going to help others? How can I make a difference? After struggling with these questions and trying to figure out my life’s purpose, I came to a simple conclusion that I think can help you come to terms with your life's purpose as well.

You Have More Than One Purpose

You do not have just one life purpose. Your life is filled with different purposes. You may be a hands-on parent, a great friend or the hilarious co-worker. All are important and purposeful. You can discover another purpose down the road. You do not have one particular road set out for you. Life is a journey, and there will be numerous turns, twists, and paths you can take. Letting go of the idea that there is this one specific purpose out there will make your life less stressful and allow you to start genuinely living your life.

You Do Not Have to Save Lives

You do not necessarily have to save lives to make a difference. As heroic as firefighters and doctors are, you do not have to save lives to be a hero. I had a cheer coach growing up. In simple words, she was a cheer coach. However, in my life and many others’ lives, she was tremendously more than just a cheer coach. She authentically cared for you. You could tell by the way she talked to you that she cared about you. When she spoke to you, she was not just teaching you how to perfect your back handspring, but she was telling you how much she believed in you. She cared so much for people. The point is that you can have a seemingly simple job and still make a difference. You just have to care about others, and then, you are already making a more significant difference than you will ever realize.

Finding Your Purpose

So, how can you discover that purpose? Simply, live your life. Live your life and treat others like they matter. You will come across other purposes. Maybe, you are meant to be a doctor, writer or teacher. Down the road perhaps, you will be spouse and parent. However, it is when you simply live your life as a caring and sincere person that you are indeed living out your purpose.

My Purpose

I have found my purpose in life. When I say this, I am not saying I discovered my perfect career path or that I know exactly what I want in life. I am not saying I know every life purpose I will come across. When I say I have found my purpose, I mean I have discovered that I just need to be a caring and genuine person. I need to talk to people like they matter and make people feel good about themselves. Allow people to see their worth. Smile at strangers. When you do these simple actions, you are already living out your purpose.