Finding An Apartment in A New City

When you arrive in a new city in a new state or country, getting an apartment that checks all your boxes could be challenging. You will have to negotiate with yourself on the compromises you are willing to make. Some of you may be familiar with the TV show House Hunters on HGTV. In this show, a person who relocates to a new city enlists the help of a real estate agent to look for apartments. The client presents the agent with a list of desirable attributes that he/she wants in a rental unit. Then the agent finds three properties for the client to choose from. But in reality you are unlikely to have the luxury of time or resources to have a real estate agent chauffeur you around to show places. So what are some key things to consider when exploring your new locale for a place to call home?

Do Research Before You Arrive

Before you arrive at your new destination do some research about the city. It helps to know which parts of the city are considered safe places to live. You can also read reviews online by locals and expatriates living in that city. Check where some of the available apartments are situated in relation to your place of work. You'll start to get a feel for what you can get for the budget you have in mind.

Get Temporary Accommodation

It is a good idea to get temporary accommodation. Airbnb is an excellent resource to find short term housing. Usually it's cheap and the hosts can be very helpful in providing information about the city. Not all new companies will be generous to assist you with apartment viewing visits. Therefore get your temporary housing close to public transportation routes. During your interim stay you can look around the city to figure out where you may want to live.

Reassess Your Priorities

While you decide on an apartment to rent you'll be faced with having to make compromises. Reevaluate your priorities. Maybe you want to live closer to your place of work. Or you are dead set on living in the hip part of the city. Apart from location, the list of amenities that the flat offers may not fulfill your original expectations. You will have to make some selective concessions.

Sign A Short Lease

When you are ready to move into your new apartment it is advisable to sign a short term lease. Incidentally this becomes more important if you aren't quite sure of where in the city you want to live. The short term lease gives you the flexibility to move to a different part of the city if you so desire later. If you end up liking the place you picked, you should be able to extend the lease anyway. This saves you from the uncomfortable situation of living in a flat that you don't want to inhabit just because you have to honor the lease you signed.