Female Fitness YouTubers You Should Follow Right Now

If you’re thinking about starting a new fitness journey or if you just want to change things up, Youtube can be an excellent source. However, from the countless users, it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for. That’s why we picked amazing female fitness YouTubers with different stories, but with the same goal - helping people live more fulfilled lives. If you want inspiration, meal ideas, workout routines, and great content these inspiring women are a great start. Here are six female YouTubers you should follow right now.

Vanessa Blanco


Vanessa is all for strength, body positivity and balance. "I think it is CRAZY that we still live in a society where people associate leanness with being in shape or fit. So if a person doesn't have six pack abs they aren't fit? That mentality is what is wrong with society and why So Many people hate going to the gym and have a bad experience with people at the gym”, says Vanessa on Instagram. She’s funny and entertaining to watch. You’d be surprised to know that she’s shy in-person. Her review videos of everything fitness related are unique and fun. She loves street art and old school Hip-Hop.

YouTube:Vanessa Blanco

Instagram: @blahnk0h

Cath Bastien


The French-Canadian is a bikini competitor, sharing her fitness journey with her followers. The videos include workouts, food, health related topics and travel vlogs. Cath is down to earth and is always smiling.Another admirable thing is that she's all for ending mental health stigma. “I always been very close with my dad and miss him so much. I also lost my grandpa a few days ago which makes the pain a little deeper. A little over 2 years ago, my dad decided he was over with his life. I respect his choice but I'm asking you to start treating your mental and emotional health as seriously as your physical health. I feel thankful he was my dad for 20 wonderful years and that's something nobody can ever take away. My strength is my legacy to a truly great man. I will miss you both.”, she wrote in an Instagram post.

YouTube: /cathbfitness

Instagram: @cathbastien

Ashley Que


Ashley’s channel documents her weight loss journey. Her editing skills are on point and her comedy skits are hilarious. “I've been overweight my entire life. I was a chubby kindergartner, a fat 3rd grader, I struggled with my weight all thru my adolescence and even now in my adulthood. I've been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember, but never before have I been this serious about it.”, she states on Instagram. She has two lovely cats. And she is a total books' nerd.

YouTube:Ashley Que

Instagram: @ashleysayque

Robin Gallant

Female Fitness YouTubers You Should Follow Right Now

Female Fitness YouTubers You Should Follow Right Now

Robin’s videos are full of valuable fitness information. She has a killer fashion sense. Recently, Robin adopted a kitty named Maple. The Canadian beauty graduated from Dalhousie University with Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and Engineering. However, Robin’s journey wasn’t an easy one. In her 4th year of university, the pressure to succeed was too much to bear. “I broke. I barely slept, I barely ate, I couldn't focus, I couldn't read/study, I couldn't write a test without a debilitating panic attack...This was when I found fitness...I allowed myself to take time off school and learn how to eat healthily and get active to help manage my mental health”, said Robin in a moving Instagram post.

YouTube:Robin Gallant

Instagram: @robingallantt

Whitney Simmons

Female Fitness YouTubers You Should Follow Right Now

Female Fitness YouTubers You Should Follow Right Now

By following one of Whitney’s workout routines. you will, for a fact, be sore the next day. Her favorite color is Blue. And do we have to talk about her dog Navy? She says the gym has helped her get over a really bad period in her life when she was in college. “This led me to a very downward spiral of sadness”, she explains on her channel. It was her dad that encouraged her to go to a gym which had personal training classes and she did. “This became so much more than a physical workout, it became an escape for me. This is the place I went to for my mental health...I consider the gym my therapy...it truly saved me”.

YouTube:Whitney Simmons

Instagram: @whitneyysimmons

Nikki Blackketter

Female Fitness YouTubers You Should Follow Right Now

Female Fitness YouTubers You Should Follow Right Now

My favorite YouTuber. Funny, intelligent, real, well-spoken, creative and committed. Her content is always interesting and her uploads are consistent. Her smile when she greets subscribers with “Good morning sunshine!” will make you smile. She’s always engaging with her followers on YouTube and Twitter. Nikki’s YouTube channel with 595,226 subscribers is not all she’s got. She is a Gym Shark ambassador., launching her own line with the company which was sold out quickly. Besides fitness, Nikki is a nerd and a cat-mom. One of Nikki’s pet peeves? Being late. What she loves the most besides her cat, Max? Christmas.

YouTube: /nikkiblackketter

Instagram: @nikkiblackketter