Favorite Cartoons of the 90's and Early 2000's That Should Return

When it comes to cartoons in the 90’s and early 2000’s without a doubt there were some of the best. Cartoons like The Rugrats, Hey Arnold, As Told By Ginger, and The Proud Family were some of the greatest. The cartoons were not afraid to talk about taboo topics regarding the challenges that come with growing up.They also provided an element of realism to the cartoons with great writing, characters, graphics, and voice actors. Whether they were put to rest by production, canceled, or just ended abruptly these cartoons were timeless. People still to this day watch these cartoons because they are relatable, original, memorable, innovative, and entertaining. These cartoons could really make a comeback by continuing to be fearless and expanding their fan base.

The Rugrats

For most of us 90’s babies, The Rugrats were a pivotal part of our childhood. According to Entertainment Weekly, it was created by Paul Germain, Arlene Klasky, and Gabor Csupo and had one of the least developed pitches. The premise was about a group of babies that go through their daily lives that were often on big adventures due to their wild imagination. The babies can talk but are only understood by other babies. Most of the time the adults are unaware of what the babies are doing. The main cast consists of Tommy, the youngest and leader of the babies, Chuckie, who’s always afraid, the twins Phil and Lil, and the villain Angelica. The series premiered on August 11, 1991, on Nickelodeon, the show had 9 seasons and three movies.According to Entertainment Weekly, the name came from Paul Germain’s Navy friend who referred to little kids as Rugrats. The show tackled topics such as facing your fears, the importance of potty training, and to not let anyone push you around. They also aired great Jewish-themed episodes like “A Rugrats Passover” and “A Rugrats Chanukah.”

The Characters 

What won a lot of fans over was how each character was unique and added something to the show. Tommy was the bravest one and was often the smartest at figuring out when Angelica was trying to trick them. Chuckie was always afraid, but always backed up Tommy and was his best friend. Phil and Lil were the twins they enjoyed eating worms and playing with dirt. Angelica was the character always picking on the babies; she was spoiled and didn’t like to share. Yet was a character that stood up to anyone else who picked on the babies. The graphics were extraordinary, a simple game could look like a whole new world.After the series spent years focusing on the characters as babies the writers Kate Boutilier and Eryk Casemiro decided to do an episode called All Grown Up. The episode showed the babies ten years later as preteens and eventually developed into a series. This change had mixed reviews, however, The All Grown Up series was not as popular as the Rugrats series.Many of the fans missed the episodes when the characters were toddlers. The Rugrats won several Emmy’s and Kid Choice Awards and has a star on the Hollywood Rock of Fame. If the series were ever to return they should bring back the original writers and produce one last season. For current news and interviews from the cast check out the YouTube channel Old School Lane.

Hey Arnold

The cartoon Hey Arnold is one of the most underrated shows on Nickelodeon. According to Fuse.TV Craig Bartlett created the series, Hey Arnold. The series premiered on October 7, 1996, and ended on June 8, 2004. The show's premise is about Arnold a fourth-grader who lives with his grandparents in a big-city boarding house. The episodes center on Arnold and the problems he and his classmates encounter.

The Characters 

Arnold is an only child; he’s very genuine and is always trying to help people and do the right thing. His best friend is Gerald they are thick as thieves and then there’s Helga. Helga is many fans favorite character because she is so unique. She has the biggest crush on Arnold but keeps it a secret because she’s afraid he won’t like her back. She bullies him by using the infamous line “football head.” She has a terrible upbringing with parents that ignore her and do nothing but praise her perfect older sister Olga.The series targets topics such as self-acceptance, inner beauty, and the importance of being a good kid. It received mostly positive views for its character development and mature themes. The series lasted for five seasons and had a movie that was released in 2002. There were supposed to be more episodes made, however, production continued to delay the process. Over the years the fans have cried out for more Hey Arnold and now the Hey Arnold Jungle movie will be released in 2017. This film is a continuation of the Journal episode and will be about Arnold finding his parents. Hey Arnold is making its return because of its timeless storytelling and loyal fans.

As Told By Ginger

The cartoon As Told By Ginger is one of the best cartoons to portray adolescents. According to Refinery29.com Emily Kapnek created As Told By Ginger. It follows Ginger Foutley a preteen and her friends who try to fit in with the popular crew. She has a younger brother Carl and they were raised by a single mother. This show is great at developing storylines about puberty, social problems, and remaining true to yourself. As a rarity for cartoons As Told By Ginger has a continuation from episode to episode.The characters are also seen wearing different clothes with each episode. Despite this show taking so many changes, it was really overlooked. Many kids who watched cartoons were looking for something more make believe. When As Told By Ginger focuses on more realistic storylines that occur during the stages of being a preteen. The show had three seasons and ended in 2004. The cartoon market could use a reboot of As Told By Ginger, however, there have yet to be anything put into play. There’s a podcast that interviews the cast of As Told By Ginger on YouTube called Old School Lane.

The Proud Family

One of Disney Channel’s original cartoons was the Proud Family. According to Disney Channel.com, Bruce W. Smith created the show that premiered on September 15, 2001. It follows the adventure of 14-year-old Penny Proud and her friends as they navigate through high school. They have many encounters that lead to them trying to grow up too soon.They often struggle with the bullies the Gross Sisters who rob them of their belongings. It was one of the first times they portrayed black cartoon characters and represented the black culture. The series only had two seasons that ended in 2005. There was a movie that was released in 2005, but no more episodes were produced. The Proud Family would be perfect for a reboot to represent the black culture and teach young girls not to grow up too fast.