Fall Food Trends In 2017

Fall of 2017 is here. Are you ready to show-off your trendy skills to the family? If not, we have you covered. This year will be different in the kitchen because we’re serving up some crazy unique dishes. Whether it’s a side dish, main course, or a dessert, we have all the trends you’ll ever need this season. Get your aprons on; it’s time to cook.


Fall has a large variety of delicious produce to work into your dishes. Starting with traditional pumpkin, it is common amongst dessert fanatics. There is so much more to do with a pumpkin than you thought. Some interesting recipes include pumpkin lasagna and honey pumpkin dinner rolls. Zucchini is also making waves with trendy, unique dishes. Try it cilantro stuffed or inside the glazed lemon bread. Apples are conventional for fall, yet you don’t want your dishes to be boring. Try sweet apple snickerdoodle muffins or savory sausage stuffing in baked apples. Blueberries are making a sweet statement with food this fall. Try these amazing oatmeal crumble bars, or be daring with blueberry-balsamic glazed salmon.

Fruit Desserts

To all the dessert fanatics, I hope you have plenty of caramel, cinnamon, or pumpkin spice in your cabinets. Fall desserts got a serious attitude this season, so watch out. It is not news that we put fruit in our desserts, but these trendy fall recipes will knock you out of your apron. Delish has a superb cinnamon baked pears recipe that is vegetarian and gluten-free. Do something different with your dessert with this cinnamon roasted peaches recipe. It includes a honey mascarpone whipped cream. Still not enough? Get crazy with this banana, apple bread with caramel sauce and pecans fusion.

Fusion Dishes

Speaking of trendy fusions, who is up for seconds? This Fall is everything but ordinary in food thanks to unique fusions. I don’t want to overwhelm you, so let’s take small steps. This bacon and roasted sweet potatoes with a brown sugar bite are sweet and a little savory. Not so bad right? Now let’s kick is up a notch. Take out that leftover pumpkin, spinach, and walnut spaghetti dish. Put your lunch guest’s taste buds to the test with a pomegranate, apple and chicken salad on your choice of bread. You are now fusion food royalty.

Soups & Salads

Practice now, those soups and salads for your family. Imagine your in-laws and aunts panic as your side dish intimidates their main dish. You bet it will this year. Let’s start with salads. The most vulnerable side dish in the group until now. Tease their taste buds with a roasted butternut squash salad with pears and lentils. Or you can make your salad colorful and pretty with this cranberry, pecan salad with feta cheese. If you’re one of those hosts with limited time, you have a 5-minute carrot, raisin and pineapple salad. You have the salad game down, so let’s look at the soups. In under 20 minutes, you could have yourself a vegan curried pumpkin coconut soup. In no time, you can also prepare a butternut squash and apple soup for the family.

Edible Decorations

Now that you have the latest fall food trends, it’s time to set the table. With more food of course! Edible decor for the Fall season is turning tables into a decorative buffet. Here are some ideas. For a centerpiece, put a bread cornucopia and fill it with more edibles like fruit and cheeses. To spread the deliciousness, try spreading out some edible apple roses on the table. They’re healthy and make a very pretty addition. Now I did not forget about the chocolate fans from the dessert fanatic genre. Try a recipe for realistic looking pine cones made out of chocolate. The whole family will love them. If all else fails, buy some edible glitter, paint, or other edible decoration help to suffice. Then after your meals and decorations, you can pat yourself on the back because you’re one awesome chef!