Faith in Our Future: What Social Media Can Do for Our Spiritual Growth

Social media is a great way to connect with others, share content, and even keep up with various news stories. With this in mind, it's important to consider what other ways we can use social media specifically to help us grow spiritually. A few elements to consider is the accessibility of our content, and in the ways, we can get in touch with different faith-based communities.As for the future, we are becoming more involved and open about how our relationship with God and how this affects us personally. Below are some key ideas and tips into taking advantage of the opportunities available to us. By utilizing social media to fit our faith needs best, there's no telling what we can do now or in the future.


Sharing Our Faith


Okay, so we've all been there, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook where photos, videos, and posts are presented to us at random. One minute you'll be watching a funny cat video, reading a quote, or even a lengthy post about your best friends trip to Africa. While all of these are nice, it's distracting us from the bigger issue, our faith.My advice, start following faith based accounts. Not only do these accounts and pages allow us think deeply about world issues, but they also are an excellent way to think about our faith instead of brushing it aside.  A few of my personal favorite Instagram accounts are @catholic_teen_posts, @instagramforbelievers, and @proverbsdaily.  The perks of following these accounts include daily spiritual inspiration, relatable Bible quotes, and even suggestions on how to be strong in our faith especially with life's challenges.

Restoring Our Confidence


Spirituality isn't just about where we are in our faith, but also how this affects us personally.  Spirituality is like a personal journey, where God is the only one with the directions to our final destination, and with so many options out there it's a concern for many of us. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allows us to not only be a voice for others but also to grow as individuals.We learn through our experiences but also by building a community of people that will support us and our beliefs. Being confident in who we and what stories we share guide us in the right direction. Our spiritual growth consists of ups and downs, so why not take the leap and post a bible quote, share a religious meme, or video.

More Prayer Devotion

Since social media can encourage us to share our faith and build our confidence spiritually, why not take advantage of group chats, video chat, or page(s)?Sometimes life happens, and we neglect time for prayer, but we forget that we have all the resources available to us to access our friends and family members.  Personally, for me, Facebook chat via Messenger was an excellent way of keeping up with the family prayers by sending reminders to the group as well as inspirational quotes and videos.And if you are traveling for work or vacation and want a better way to engage, FaceTime or Skype are great ways to stay in touch.  Remember, the future of our spiritual growth relies heavily on how we adapt to the changes of our world without letting these distractions keep us away from what matters.


Being An Example Christian

With all the resources available to us via social media, it's now our responsibility to utilize them the best way that we can and being an example to others. According to the article, How Does Your Social Media Presence Reflect Your Faith? Our online presence is just as important as our physical one.With God, our relationship is highly dependent on how we spend our free time in strengthening our faith. Besides the routine of going to church, prayer, and general charitable acts it's important to transfer these events into our online presence as well.  It's easy to get wrapped up in what celebrities are posting and the latest trends, but these things aren't directing our attention to our spiritual growth at all.  Social media allows us to share our faith with others, creating a better outlook for our confidence in our faith's foundation.