Everything Happens For a Reason

If you are a person who has ever questioned why things happen to you, then you are in good company. In fact, this is something that I still do. Both good and bad events seem to come out of nowhere. It does not always make sense. But one thing to remember is that everything happens for a reason.

There Has to Be Balance

Within our lives, we must remember to have balance. Sometimes we will be so busy that it will seem as though they are not enough hours in the day. Then other days we may have lots of lag time where we are not exactly sure what to do with ourselves. Even when we are doing ambitious things such as pursuing a degree or losing weight, we still have to have days of more rest or eating more enjoyable foods. I have found that if I push myself too hard, I will get sick or ill and then be forced to rest. Life happens that way.

There Will Be Times of Success & Times of Struggle

There will be times when life seems to flow, and there are many sunny days. We get a great parking space and even have good interactions with our families. Then other days are a struggle. We may feel horrible out of the blue. Getting through the day can seem impossible. But just when you think you are not going to make it through, life begins to get easier.

There Will Be Abundance & Scarcity

Money and food seem to be in abundance sometimes, and other times there is not enough to go around. Cars break down, and people get sick whenever it is a time that money may not be as available. There is never enough to save for a rainy day. Just know that the rainy days will not last forever.

Sometimes Life Will Flow Perfectly & Sometimes It Will Not

There is a process to everything. Sometimes it seems as though the universe is doing everything to make it all work out for you. Other times it may feel as though your destiny and dreams are so far away from you. During times when life does not flow, just remember your goals and purpose. Eventually, life will flow again.

Bad Things Happen To Teach Us & Help Us To Grow

No matter how prepared we can be, bad things can happen and shake up our world. But unfortunate circumstances in our lives can help us to improve. We learn how strong we are. We begin to appreciate our lives that much more. As we mature and adapt, we become more and more capable of dealing with what life throws at us. Remember that there is a purpose for everything. Everything happens for a reason.