Embracing Your Singleness & Learning to Do Things Alone While You Can

While it has a negative connotation in society, being single actually isn't a negative thing. While being single is often thought of as being the same as being lonely, they are actually not the same thing. Rather, a status as single offers many benefits. These benefits include the ability to reflect, know yourself and your hobbies, possibly improved grades, and less drama in your life. Another major benefit of being single is that you have more time to spend with your friends, as it is easier to stay in touch with them.


Being single allows you to reflect on your personal and relationship goals. Where do you see yourself in the future, or five years from now? Do you want a career change? What sort of person do you envision yourself with? What do you want from a relationship? Having the time to reflect while single means that you will have a clearer idea of what you want once you are actually in a relationship.


You get to know your hobbies and spend time on them. In the romantic comedy "How to Be Single", the main character picks up hiking following a break-up. She starts out on a stair stepper before eventually making her way to Mount Everest.I went hiking at a state park a few weeks ago. Now, your hobby doesn't have to be hiking at Mount Everest or a state park. In fact, your hobby doesn't have to be hiking at all. Your hobby could be reading, crafts, or playing sports. Don't have a hobby? Well, now is the time to start looking for one.


Another benefit to being single is that you get more time to yourself. Having to invest yourself in a relationship with another person and take care of him or her takes more time than taking care of one person. You will, to put it simply, have fewer distractions. This could help you catch up on your schoolwork or do better at work. Sometimes you just need life to be simple.A good reason to be single is that you will have less drama in your life. For many people, it can be a relief not to have negativity or relationship drama in their lives. We all know those couples that argue or don't get along. My friend's boyfriend was always jealous of her friendships with other guys.


The best part of being single is that it's easier to make time for friends. It's easier to keep track of plans with friends when you're not in a romantic relationship. My mother is discovering this at the age of 50 after her divorce. My mom and her friends enjoy going to the movies, going out to eat, and just hanging out and spending time with each other.Society makes it look as if having a significant other is the most important part of life and the only way to have fun. While having a meaningful relationship does have its benefits, the search for a significant other shouldn't consume anyone. You don't have to be in a relationship to be happy or have fun--if life starts to look boring, just switch things up a little. Indeed, there are many benefits to being single. You can have the most fun of your life being single. Next time you fret about being the only single one out of your group of friends, just remember that there is a silver lining.