How to Embrace Your College Experience

College can be one of the most stressful or most incredible parts of your life. Often, it ends up being both. So, how can you best focus on the amazing aspects of your college experience without overly stressed?Whether you are just finishing your freshman year of college, are attending college in the fall, or even have a few years of high school left, consider the following words of wisdom for whenever you have your college experience:

Walk Everywhere

Obviously, this is an impossible task on some campuses, but the principle still applies. Whenever you can walk, walk to your classes, to dinner, to friends’ dorms, to campus events; walk anywhere and everywhere. Choosing to walk instead of driving or staying indoors altogether will allow you to breathe in the fresh air. And, walking gives you an excuse to exercise, which helps with the legendary "freshman 15." Walking also gives you the chance to destress and think, and to appreciate the world around you.

Indulge in a Good Cry

Sometimes a good cry is all you need to release the stress and get back into the swing of things. Unfortunately, real and healthy emotions are put on the back burner way too often in college. Do yourself a favor--once in awhile, put on some sad music or watch a sad movie and let yourself cry. Emotional release is great, under-appreciated, and so needed if you’re going to appreciate college fully.

Become Friends with Someone Different From You

One of the best things about college is how much it allows you to expand your horizons. Take advantage of this opportunity and befriend someone who gives you a fresh perspective on life. It doesn’t matter what it is someone from a different state, or with different religious views, even someone who has a different political view from you. Regardless, having this alternate take on life will push you out of your comfort zone and will teach you a lot about life. Not all learning has to be accomplished in a classroom.

Own a Spot in Your School Library

If you get to be a senior and have yet to make it to your school’s library, then you have made a mistake. Your library may not be the best place for you to study, but it almost always has something for everyone. You can sit in silence for a bit, or watch a movie without your roommates bothering you, or actually read a book and study. The library also tends to have a lot of incredible resources available, like academic assistance or printing capabilities. Plus, owning a spot in your college library ensures that you always have a place to go, no matter what.

Go to One Event

Just do it. Pick an event that looks crazy, or stupid, or unusual, and go. Find some friends, go alone, whatever works for you. But if you don’t attend at least one campus event, then have you attended college at all?**Alternate Option: Host your event! If your school doesn’t do the kind of fun you enjoy, then take the plunge and host your own. And remember, it can be a success even if you are the only one in attendance.