Eating Healthy in Summer


The summer is around the corner. For people on the West Coast, maybe it’s already here, I don’t know. Over in Chicago, in the Midwest, not so much. Not so perfectly, not good, and warm, and sunshine outside. Cool beaches to curb the day. It was just snowing in Chicago the other day. Big fat snowflakes came down for hours and hours, blocking up the streets, reminding us all again how tired we are with winter. We’re going to be weary of winter all the way until next winter. Keeping on, seemingly pointless thing. To even think about next winter is sick. It’s a troubling ugly thing. Remembering that we need to do this again.


I push that to the back of my mind in order to think about the hotdogs I’m going to get at this summer. Soon, I will be at barbeques. The sun will be out for us too. The rain of spring will be done, and we’ll boot spring out along with it. Give me some good hot. Too hot. Let it boil down on us and turn the pond lukewarm for a few hours after noon.That’s what I’m in the mood for. Let the dogs jump in the pool too. Get their heated paws rested. Lapping, paddling. The original doggy paddle. No more stuck inside and looking outside. This winter has made me want to give up shelter altogether. I wanted to go off and madman my way into the blizzard. Some good old cabin fever style. It’s so easy to forget how to go out and walk around. When it’s cold, and the bed is warm.


The important thing is to remember to eat as much as you can and run around on the beach. It’s hard to eat right in the summer. Somehow, every season is harder than the last when it comes to eating. Things look better and better. I want to jump right into a hamburger bun, nestled in there. Gobble myself up.The thing I would do is eat as much as I want for all of June, and then tighten up again after the Fourth of July. Then coast for the next few months until the football season starts, and tailgating starts. Grab onto the blooming summer, and the beach, and the pool. Don’t travel. Don’t try and go anywhere that’s too far from the center of town. There’s nothing better than town square, and the local pool, and the museum that’s free on the first of the month. Just climb into your hometown.


There’s no better beach across the Atlantic. No better people. No better. Not. It’s just scribbling around tired old continents. Go look at ants on the sidewalk. Turn over that red brick; there’s a ton of pill-bugs under there. If you bend over a lot, that will keep you healthy. If you look up at the second-floor windows, above the storefronts, that will keep your neck limber. Eat right this summer.