Easy Décor: Apartment Edition

Making an apartment feel homier can easily be done with decor. There is no need to completely remodel your apartment. By using accessories, you can also take those items with you when you move. The added bonus, it also will not cause any conflict with the property owner.The following are a few things to add to your apartment to give it a home feeling.The living room and bedrooms:

  • Pillows

  • Lamp

  • Throw blankets

  • Photos

  • Artwork



(Image Source)The Kitchen/Dinning area:

  • Placemats

  • Matching towels

  • Rugs

  • Artwork



(Image Source)By adding some matching and strategically styled accessories, it can pull the whole apartment together. This causes the guests to get a sense of welcoming into the home. With accessories, the rooms appear to be functional and it shows the thought and style of the renter.A key to the process will be planning. It is important to decide before going shopping what style and/or color pattern you want to include in your home. Having a solid game plan will ensure that you come home with everything that will be concise, allowing your design to flow through the whole apartment. If the overall design of the apartment is not concise, it can get a messy and unorganized feel.It is often good to pick one solid color, one accent color, and then a design for the patterns. For example: dark blue, yellow, and plaid. You could use this around the apartment in the following ways:

  • A dark blue throw in the living room and bedroom

  • Yellow lamp in the bedroom

  • Yellow artwork in the living room, with some accent of blue

  • Kitchen towels in the variation of blue and yellow plaid

One trending thing right now in the world of design is dark gray. Gray is seen on walls, rugs, etc. It is common to see yellow and gray together. This is a simple color, found almost anywhere they can be added to your color scheme.By playing with color design, you can give your apartment a warm cozy feeling.