Double-Time Body Wash That's Gentle Enough for Your Face

We live in a time where we want to cut time in half. We wish our commute were 30-minutes instead of an hour. We wish there were a way to get our hair and make-up done in 10 minutes but still look like we spent time on it. Sometimes living in an "I want it now" time can be dangerous. However, how many times have we woke up late or were too lazy to wash off our makeup after a night out? How many times have many women dreaded the task of taking a shower then getting out to clean their face or vice-versa?A lot of the body washes out there are not gentle enough for you to use on your face. They strip away the natural oils on your face or irritate those who have sensitive skin. It was only a matter of time until a brand came out with a double-time body wash that is gentle enough to be used as a face wash but durable enough to wash off all the dirt and sweat your body endures during the day. Urban Hydration Naturals'Vanilla Bean Hydrating Body Wash will be your new best friend. Here are a few reasons why you should head over to their website or the closest store to grab yourself one of their body washes.

It Smells Good

Let's be honest; not all two-in-one products smell the greatest. Urban Hydration Naturals' products have natural ingredients that leave you smelling lovely. They have a range of different scents for their body washes. Some of their products have vanilla bean, spearmint eucalyptus, coconut oil, peach, pomegranate, lemon, pineapple, and vanilla extract in them.

The Ingredients Are Natural

Their body washes do not contain any paragons, gluten, paraffin, mineral oil, or poly beads. It's filled with vitamins such as vitamin A and E which improve the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, stretch marks, and lines on your skin. "Many products today can contain harsh chemicals and can be counterproductive to your skin's health." The good thing about their body washes is it protects, moisturizes, relives, evens skin tone, and cleanses your skin. If this doesn't convince you to buy this product keep reading on.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has proven time and time again to be a powerhouse ingredient that can be used multiple ways: hair, skin, cooking, etc. It has natural fats that allow your hair and scalp to quickly absorb it resulting in keeping dandruff and frizzy hair away. It not only helps your hair grow, but it repairs damaged hair and prevents lice. There's no denying coconut oil keeps your hair and skin hydrated. It helps prevent and reduce stretch marks, scars, and skin discoloration. Coconut oil is your go-to ingredient for keeping your skin healthy, glowing, and looking youthful, and that is why it is found in their products.Here is Urban Hydration Naturals' coconut story:

Long before we were putting it in our skin and hair products, the coconut was making its way around the world. Originating in Southeast Asia from the Cocos nucifera palm tree, the coconut was a popular trading commodity due to all of its benefits from the inside out. The fruit on the inside proved to be a great source of protein and hydration, while the outer shell could be spun into rope or made into charcoal. If all else failed, you could even use the coconut as a flotation device! The coconut was extremely popular in the ancient world, and it's just as popular today, as experts are uncovering even more benefits from the oil found in the coconut.

The Story Behind the Company

Our unique identity is that we are active and innovative: we don't just think of new ideas in our test kitchen, we actually implement them! We’re always focused on coming up with new formulas and scents. All of our products are designed to fit your individual needs, and we’re committed every day to finding out what those are. Urban Hydration Naturals has always been about changing the game in ways that benefit you, our conscious and creative friends, with eco-friendly, naturally-inspired ingredients. Since the beginning, we’ve been using our resources to give back to society in meaningful ways, from donating money to the Blind Center of Nevada to partnering with WATERisLIFE to give away 1 gallon of water for every sale we make. Through this, we’re making sure we provide you with products that are going to help you lead a happier and healthier life while directly improving quality of life for others around the world. We place emphasis on living a natural life both externally and internally. Most of our employees are foodies, like myself, that care about what they put in and on their bodies, and that mindset is translated directly into our products. We care about you!

The Products

Urban Hydration Naturals has a variety of products available from body washes, scrubs, creams, travel kits, bath salts. You can either purchase their products on their website or go to local stores that sell their products.

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