Do Women Contribute to Men Cheating?

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably wondered if you did anything to contribute to a man cheating. While being in any relationship often leads to problems and cheating, is there really a reason for it? Some women feel as though no matter what happens in a relationship, no one does anything to be cheated on. Others feel as though it was something they could’ve done to prevent infidelity. The world is filled with questions and explanations, especially when it comes to relationships. No woman, no matter what the circumstances, want to be cheated on, but do women ever really contribute to a man cheating?

Statistics on Men That Cheat

Although we know both women and men are capable of cheating, research shows that men cheat a lot more. 57% of men admit to committing infidelity at some point in their lives. While only 22% of married men actually admit to having an affair. Infidelity definitely takes place more with married men, yet many are unlikely to admit to it. Mainly because there are more consequences when a man cheats on his wife. Most fear that their wives will leave them and take their children and finances. Statistics are simply just one explanation showing the increased number of married men that cheat.

The Reasons Why Men Cheat

Most of the time, when men cheat, it’s because of sex. They either aren’t getting enough sex from their partners, or their partners aren’t giving them the type of intimacy they need and want. Men wanting more intimately could mean more kissing or more sexual activity. Every relationship loses some form of intimacy, especially when you’re married. Some women get busy with their own lives and can’t always fit in a lot of sexual acts that men want. It’s not the woman’s fault, but this is the number one reason why men say they resort to cheating.

Men also say that they often seek intimacy from other women because their partner isn’t as they used to be. Because men are visionary and always want to see their partner as attractive. When their physical appearance changes, men aren’t often attracted to them anymore, it’s utterly unfair to women, especially when their appearance changing is out of their control. We all indeed change as we get older even if you eat healthily and exercise. However unfair it is, a lot of shallow men will cheat on their partners because they have become less attractive.

A lot of the time, men cheat because they don’t want to be in the relationship anymore. Instead of breaking up with their partner, they cheat on them. Men say that they get bored and find someone else they would rather be with. It’s logical and moral for men to break up with their spouse before they start seeing someone else. Yet it doesn’t always happen, especially with married men. Most men cheat and totally disrespect their wives, but not because they want a divorce. Men just want more affection and don’t want to leave one relationship without having a new one lined up. If men feel like the spark has died out in the marriage, they don't want to risk feeling lonely when the separation happens. So instead, they find another while you two are still together.

Who’s The Blame for Men Cheating?

At the end of the day, women do not contribute to men cheating. Women are not to blame when a man cheats on them. Even if they ignore the man, withhold sex and intimacy, or cheat themselves. No one deserves to be cheated on when they can get out of the marriage or relationship. Men cheat because they’re selfish, greedy, or just make mistakes like everyone else. If you’re a woman that’s continued to be cheated on then don’t blame yourself, just start dating better men.