Delivery Services for Meal Ingredients: Are They Worth It

Delivery services for meals are becoming more and more popular. I'm not referring to take out or Postmates; I mean services that deliver ingredients. There are several up and coming services that deliver fresh ingredients and recipe cards to you. However, just because they're trendy, does that make them good? I sure think so! Here are some perks to having a meal delivery service.


Many meal services are simple for both the skilled cook and the newbie. Most services deliver recipe cards along with your ingredients. Therefore, you learn how to cook your meal step-by-step. It's a great way to get to cook if you aren't used to it, and it's a good way to develop an understanding of flavors.

Healthy Options

Most of us want healthier food options, but don't want to sacrifice taste. Meal delivery services are assembled by talented chefs who are aware of this fact. Because of this, there are always multiple options that are both healthy and delicious.

Cheaper Than Stores

Most, if not all, ingredient delivery services are cheaper than shopping at your local grocery store. That is to say, if you were to buy the ingredients for their recipes at a store, it would be more expensive. Furthermore, it promotes less waste, as the services give you precisely what you need of spices and herbs. No longer will you have to worry about that basil wilting in your fridge after you only needed a leaf or two.

Time Saver

Some of us just don't have enough time in our week. Whether our obligations lie with full-time work, parenting, schooling, or what have you, sometimes we just don't feel up to going to the store. Services like these are ideal, as they bring your food to you on a day of your choosing.I use a service like this, and I swear by it. I'm kind of so-so when it comes to cooking, but I'm mostly bad at planning my meals ahead for the week. This helps fill in that gap for me. I do want to address that sometimes these services are better for couples, roommates, or individuals rather than whole families, as most of them have a "two-person" meal plan. That isn't to say you couldn't find one to suit your family's needs if you're so inclined; it may just be harder to find.As someone who has been a user of this meal delivery service, I think it's a wonderful way to fall in love with cooking, and the convenience of it can't be beaten.