A Day in Edinburgh Scotland

Historic Edinburgh is the lovely capital city of Scotland. Before I delve into spending a day experiencing the remarkable attractions of this city, it's probably best to be able to pronounce the name correctly. Edinburgh is not pronounced the way it is written. It does not end with the sound similar to Pittsburgh. It is pronounced Edin-bruh. You'll quickly realize the difference once you start conversing with locals. Edinburgh is situated on the East coast of Scotland about 400 miles North of London. Visitors coming into Edinburgh would have read and heard about Edinburgh Castle. This magnificent historic castle, no doubt, is the crowning attraction of the city. But let's begin with the street that takes you up to the castle entrance.

The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is a succession of streets within the old town of Edinburgh. As the name suggests, it is around one Scots mile (~ 1.08 mile) in length. The Royal Mile connects two historically prominent locations of the city. On the top end rests the Edinburgh Castle. While the Holyrood Palace, home of Scotland's monarchy is situated at the bottom end of the street. As you stroll through the Royal Mile's cobblestoned thoroughfare, you are greeted by many historic structures. Modern cafes and boutiques adjoin pubs and other establishments boasting 100s of years of service. Furthermore, statues of significant historical figures are also erected along the Royal Mile reflecting the rich past of the city. Guided walking tours through the Royal Mile is available for those who wish to learn more about these structures.

Edinburgh Castle

The Royal Mile takes you up to the entrance of the Edinburgh Castle sitting on Castle Rock. This magnificent fortress possesses 1100 years of history. Throughout that time Edinburgh Castle has undergone numerous sieges; occupied by several conquerors. The displays within the walls of this fortress pay homage to the great events that had taken place at this site. The view of the city and ocean from the castle is breathtaking. Detail, the military generals considered to be more than just of aesthetic importance. Among the many attractions within the castle grounds are the National War Museum, Prisons of War and the Regiments Museum. Moreover, you shouldn't miss the Royal Palace, the Crown Jewell's and the Great Hall which are cornerstones of Edinburgh Castle's rich history. The entry into the castle costs £ 17 and includes tours to all the museums and attractions.

Other Attractions

After touring the famous Edinburgh Castle and by default the Royal Mile you can choose what else to see for the rest of your day. Depending on your preferences you can select from a variety of activities. For instance, the Royal Yacht Britania, the Scottish National Gallery, and the Royal Botanical Gardens are great attractions. Due to the long history of Edinburgh, there are many old beautiful churches and cathedrals scattered throughout the city. Because of my interest in physics, I have the utmost reverence for the accomplishments of Edinburgh native James Clerk Maxwell (formulated Maxwell's equations). Therefore I made it a point to visit his statue which is erected on George Street.Of course, when you are in Scotland you have to taste the whiskey. I would recommend that you make the whiskey tasting the last leg of your day's agenda for obvious reasons. It will be a fitting end to a day in Edinburgh. There are many whiskey bars to choose from. For example, The Whiskey Experience and the Whiski Room are two such establishments. As your trip winds to its close and you bid farewell to Edinburgh, make sure you up a bottle of single malt; aged Scotch whiskey from one of the many world renowned distillers in Scotland.