A Day in Amsterdam, Netherlands

I had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam several times while I lived in Germany. Around 2 hours by train from Dusseldorf Germany, Amsterdam was within convenient reach for me to go on weekend expeditions. A city with many memorable historical significance mirrored by its attractive architecture and the many museums. The rather flat terrain on which the city itself is inhabited allows for bicycles to be a popular mode of transport. Consequently, Amsterdam has become famous for the amount of bikes that are ridden through the city streets at any given moment. The first time you set eyes on the thousands of bicycles chained to the stands you will realize the reputation is worth the billing. Amsterdam is also known for the canals through this dynamic city. If you have a day to spend in Amsterdam, you will have a smorgasbord of activities and sights to soak in.

When In Amsterdam

Might as well tackle the elephant in the room, so to speak, early. I am neither encouraging nor disparaging the use of marijuana...but when in Amsterdam, might as well spend some time in a cafe. It is perfectly legal to smoke cannabis in designated cafes while you are in this city. Since it is best to tread softly around this topic, I will refrain from recommending cafes to go to (besides, trust me I am not knowledgeable of them anyway). But to say Amsterdam's reputation on this matter is quite an understatement. I would recommend saving the cafe visits to the later part of the day. You don't want to divagate through the city all day.

Take A Canal Cruise

A swift canal cruise is a good way to familiarize yourself with the city. The cruise lasts about one hour. During the trip, you can also plan what other attractions you might want to see. Depending on the time of your cruise, you can witness the beauty of the city illuminating the shimmering canal.

Experience the Culture

Amsterdam is globally known for its museums and galleries. A brief tour is enough to get an inkling of the wealth of culture on offer here. The Ann Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum are beacons of monumental repute. Time permitting, rent a bike and weave through the streets banking the canals to Jordaan. This historic and charming neighborhood is composed of narrow streets and picturesque structures. Once occupied by the working class, this area has become one of Amsterdam’s most popular quarters. Dotted with independent art galleries, antique shops, courtyard gardens, and alluring bars and restaurants.Amsterdam also has a global reputation for partying. Appropriately, there’s always something great going on somewhere in the city. So finish your day by stepping into the electrifying Amsterdam nightlife with vim.