Cooling Down in the Summer Heat

Summer's searing heat has come again. Too brave and survive the heat, staying unscorched, you must find ways of cooling yourself off. But, how can you cool yourself?

Air Conditioners

When you have money for the bills, you can have air conditioner be your prominent source of fresh air. Different types of air conditioners exist for your use.

Window Air Conditioners

A window air conditioner usually cost between $75 and $900. $138 to $488 is the range for most homeowners. Before you buy a window air conditioner, you must determine the size of your house. If your house is small or of average size, you should buy these conditioners. If your house is large, you should purchase a central air system. Even if your house is quite large, you can still purchase the window air conditioner for specific rooms and for when you do not want all the rooms warmed or cooled.To buy an air conditioner for your room, you must measure your window. If you cannot measure it, there are adjustable window air conditioners available. But to measure the window is simpler and it will allow you to find the perfect conditioner. This air conditioner is flexible, especially if you have someone install it for only a short time. You will then be able to move it if you move homes or rooms.

Central Air Systems

A central air system costs $3708 to $7126 and is viable only if your house is large enough. Generally speaking, if the sqare footage is 500 to 600 square feet you will need at least one central air system unit. Other factors for which you must account are climate, the shape of your home, and the size of your home. Professionals measure the efficiency of their machines by the energy efficient ratio and the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The professional installer will have to use all the collected product information to determine for the air conditioner's installation. They will have to install it so that the air flows smoothly and efficiently throughout your house.

Split Ductless Systems

Split ductless air systems use both outside and inside air conditioners to cool a house. At each area you want to have air conditioned, you have a professional install the outside and inside conditioners. Therefore, there is not a need for air ducts, making the split ductless system flexible. Also, ductless systems are efficient, saving your money. These ductless systems also keep the air cleaner because they filtrate the air much better than other systems. And, because their energy efficiency, ductless systems help keep the environment clean, or reduce your carbon footprint.

Portable Units

Portable units are split, hose, or evaporative. These units vary in type, size and cost, so you need to research to find the one right for you.


Drink cold drinks to cool down, and instead of sweet beverages, drink water, which always works. Although drinking cold liquids to cool yourself seems obvious, some explanations say that drinking warm liquids cools you down more. The explanation for this phenomenon is that warm or hot liquids trigger the body's cooling mechanism. So, even if the hot liquid may raise your body temperature, the cooling mechanism that the liquid set off will lower your body temperature even more.As the days become hotter, use as many of these methods for cooling this summer as needed.