Cooking with the Non-Cook: Teriyaki Chicken

The Non-Cook is expanding his horizons once again. This week, I'm going to show you how to make a dish that looks more complicated than it is. Who doesn't love looking more talented than they actually are? It's a win-win situation. Teriyaki Chicken with rice and grilled vegetables combines a lot of ingredients and flavor, without a lot of hassle or stress. This dish also allows for a lot of creativity by the chef. If you want to add a billion ingredients, or just a few, it will still be a fan favorite.


  1. 3 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

  2. 3 Cups Minute Rice

  3. 1 Green Pepper, cut

  4. 1/4 cup Banana Peppers

  5. 1/8 c Jalapeno Peppers (fresh or canned)

  6. 1 Onion, cut

  7. Handful of Cherry (or Grape) Tomatoes

  8. 1 Bottle of Teriyaki Sauce

  9. Grill

  10. Pot/Stove

  11. Brush

  12. Grill Spray

  13. Foil


  1. First, you will want to start up your grill. You can do the chicken in a skillet, but it just isn't as good. Opinions vary, but grilled is the way to go. Place some foil on your grill and spray it well with your non-stick cooking spray.

  2. Place your chicken on the foil and glaze generously with your teriyaki sauce. It will cook well into the chicken so don't be shy with your brush and make sure you get it all covered.

  3. Next, you will want to start the water for your rice. I used 3 cups because I used three chicken breasts. The general rule is one cup per serving. Once your water is ready, put in the rice, stir until rice incorporated well with the water; then let it sit for 5 minutes. Minute rice is nice and simple, and it will have a lot of flavor due to being topped with all the other ingredients.

  4. Flip your chicken and generously apply teriyaki sauce to the other side. Is it that easy? It's as easy as a why did the chicken cross the road joke!

  5. Now it's time to grill your veggies. Take your diced green pepper and onion and glaze generously with your teriyaki sauce. If you use canned banana peppers, canned jalapeno peppers, and cherry tomatoes, a handful of each is a good measuring point. Obviously, with any of these, you can adjust based on preference. This is just to make sure you have a nice blend of ingredients without too much of one thing. However, too much of a good thing despite old sayings can be fantastic sometimes.

  6. Take everything off the grill and place it on top of your rice. Take some teriyaki sauce and pour over top of the completed dish.

  7. Enjoy!

The Non-Cook is becoming a master of many different dishes. Sure, nothing is made from scratch, but it's a start. Next week, we will continue our dive into summer with some more tasty treats.