Why Communication Is Key to Making A Relationship Work?

Being in a relationship takes a lot of work. It’s not just about dating it’s about having someone you can to talk to about anything. Getting to a place where you are comfortable to express all your feelings is the key. If you want a relationship to work, then you and your partner must have great communication. The reason why communication is key is that without it many relationships fail. Understand that people have to talk to their partners about anything that concerns them. Even though it's not always easy to talk to your partner face to face about certain things it's essential to making a relationship work.

How to Have Better Communication In Relationships

Speak Your Mind: It’s important to realize that keeping things bottled up. The only way your partner knows how you truly feel is if you express it to them. It’s one of the worst things you can do in a relationship. If there’s something that's bothering you about your relationship you must communicate that. Speak to your partner in a constructive matter don’t stay negative and nag them. No one wants to keep hearing about what they’re doing wrong all the time.Don’t Focus On the Bad:Relationships are for the enjoyment. If you are always complaining, then you and your partner can’t enjoy being around each other. Holding onto negative emotions is will only end up turning into permanent problems. Don’t continue to criticize and blame them. If it’s not that serious, then don’t keep dwelling on it.Always Stay Positive:Being a positive person and not being fussy about everything is essential to making relationships work. If you are a person that’s not positive, then it’s harder for your partner to communicate with you. People feel more comfortable telling their partners anything when they’re understanding and won’t attack them.

Rules of Communication In Relationships

Never Discuss Important Things Via Text: In this day and time, more couples are texting than talking. It’s okay to text each other about minor things. However, it’s better to pick up the phone or better yet communicate it to their face. If there are more than six texts being sent back and forth it’s time to pick up the phone. Texting is not really a conversation it’s a series of messages. It’s a lot harder to know how someone is doing in a text. Talking to someone on the phone or in person means reading their tone and body language. It’s also easier to be mean and cruel when you’re texting.Don’t Bring Up Issues When Upset or Angry:Maybe your partner has forbidden you from doing an activity you love. Or from being friends with someone you’ve known for years. It’s best to not talk to your partner about these issues while you’re upset. It causes huge fights and leads to a person saying something they regret. Wait until you have time to calm down and think about what you’re going to say.Resolve Conflict With Love: If you and your partner haven’t resolved a conflict yet be sure to do it in person. But also makeup with love try holding their hand, looking into their eyes, and putting your arm around each other. Showing physical sides that you care and don’t want to fight reminds your partner why you are together.Be Honest With Each Other: There are too many times in a relationship where people pretend that they are happy when they’re not. If you have a problem with your partner's friend being flirty then be honest about it. Don’t be afraid to honestly and verbally express your feelings.Remember A Conflict Doesn’t Mean A Breakup:One of the most important things to remember is arguing doesn’t mean you have to breakup. Every relationship comes with arguments and conflicts. If you really love and trust your partner and there are no signs of cheating work it out. Any relationship work having is worth fighting for.