Chris Cornell & His Legacy

When a legend of any magnitude passes away, it comes as a shock and surprise. Why though? To best answer that question we need to look at the life of someone that was the embodiment of so much to so many people. This individual to so many was Chris Cornell.Cornell was born in Seattle, Washington in 1964; before Seattle had ever been on the map for music. That would not happen until the mid 80's when Cornell picked up a guitar and began to explore his passion for music.In the early 90's Grunge became the newest genre to sweep the United States. While Kurt Cobain and Nirvana helped start the cause, an early icon was Cornell as the lead singer of Soundgarden. This is the band that comes to mind when most people think of Cornell.Grunge had an early impact because of its ability to relate to most people. The glam of 80's metal faded because people could not relate. Grunge brought real life struggles to the forefront of people lives.Chuck D, best known as the lead singer and producer of Public Enemy said via Twitter "Rest...Peace." What is powerful about these two simple words is what it shows. It shows a rapper that is mainly involved in taking political stances crossed genres to bid his farewell.When Soundgarden broke up, Cornell went about a solo career. His solo career had several hits, but it wasn't long before Cornell created a band called Audioslave. They went on to have several hits, and their first album hit triple platinum status. This added to Cornell's legacy, showing he wasn't just a one band wonder.Come to 2010 Cornell and Soundgarden reconvened and announced they would be touring. Shows and festivals with their name on the bill were constantly sold out. Lists had targeted Cornell with names such as "top 25 greatest voices in rock."Cornell's legacy will live on because of the impact his music had on those who listened, loved his music and heeded his messages within his lyrics.When a celebrity dies, and the reaction is seen as if a personal loved one, friend or family member passed away, it can be received as odd by some people. These people don't understand what that artist did for you in your time of need. Leaning on a song to get through a tough time is just as viable an option as leaning on a mother or father.A single song can change your perspective on so many things. It's because of those moments we become attached to those artists. Cornell was no different nor will he ever be different in that regard. Rest in peace, Chris.